School & Community Gardening

  • Students learning about worms
  • Broccoli harvest
  • Collards and lettuce
  • Herb transplanting
  • Rosemary
  • Vegetables loaded in car
  • Kids holding bunches of carrots
  • Transplants being delivered

School Gardening for SC Educators is a horticulture-based training program designed to help South Carolina educators grow successful school gardens to address childhood obesity and improve academic outcomes.

The program includes:

  • Low cost online training
  • Technical support
  • Hands-on workshops and educational materials to help school and community gardens increase their capacity for gardening with youth

Clemson Extension offers the School Gardening for SC Educators through a partnership with the College of Charleston's Food Systems Change Initiative with funding provided by the Boeing Company S.C.

"The kids really love it...the hands-on experience... getting out there. They love digging in the dirt. They love harvesting and tasting."
~SC Educator
"Getting the kids to eat the food that they are growing is fantastic...I'm also seeing changes in behavior because of it. It gives us a chance to connect a little bit."
~SC Educator