COFFEE Training Series


The Clemson Online Furthering Faculty Education and E-Learning, or COFFEE, series is fully self-paced! You can now boost your Canvas knowledge and online teaching skills when it's most convenient for you. All courses have a dedicated facilitator, so you will always be able to ask questions and get timely assistance. Clemson Online will record participants’ completion of the course after they complete all of the assigned tasks and can issue a completion certificate upon request. All courses are delivered through Canvas.

To enroll, or for questions, email:

COFFEE - This is intended for instructors who are teaching or plan to teach online and want to learn best practices and skills for developing quality online courses. COFFEE covers topics such as course materials in Canvas, writing learning objectives, creating engagement in the online classroom, and creating a faculty introduction video. Users will learn by creating assigned elements in their own sandbox course, working at their own pace.

NEW: COFFEE for Staff - This short, self-paced course prepares staff members to build, organize and maintain Canvas sites for non-course purposes, such as virtual orientations or resource centers. Participants will apply what they’ve learned in their own sandbox course, which is theirs to keep. 

COFFEE: First Year - This ongoing, self-paced course is designed for new or early-career instructors, particularly TAs and GAs. Participants will have access to resources and support in the areas of: online teaching and learning, class management, designing effective syllabi, and more, all designed to model best practices in college teaching while using Canvas. Participants will complete learning tasks within the First Year course at their own pace.

COFFEE: House Blend - In this course, participants will learn and apply effective principles for integrating Canvas into the face-to-face classroom, including setting up a course site and creating active learning opportunities. Participants will complete learning tasks in one of their own course sites. Upon completion of the course, participants schedule a one-on-one consult with a Digital Learning Strategist from Clemson Online to review their course materials and organization.

COFFEE: Basics, part 1 - This course introduces the user to Canvas, from logging in and uploading files to using the Inbox. Basics is designed especially for Extension agents and Clemson staff but is open to anyone. It is a hands-on learning experience and users will apply their learning in their own sandbox course.

COFFEE: Basics, part 2 - The second part builds on the skills learned in the first Basics course. Basics 2 expands on Canvas tools, such as Pages, Announcements, and Modules; users apply what they’ve learned in their own sandbox course.

NOTE: The two courses below are self-enrolling, meaning if you click on the links in the descriptions, you will be placed into the course sites and can begin the course whenever you are ready.

COFFEE: Accessibility – Guides instructors through the processes of making their courses as accessibility-friendly as possible. This includes lessons in making Canvas course sites, printed materials, and other instructional materials accessible. It also covers foundational rules of student accessibility at Clemson and how to provide video captions. Participants will complete activities within the Accessibility course at their own pace. To self-enroll at any time, click here: COFFEE Accessibility link.

COFFEE: Video and Visual – Introduces available technology and best practices for creating effective videos and visual artifacts for instructors. Topics covered include: editing videos and captions, creating effective presentation slide decks, designing effective learning content in Canvas, and more. Participants will complete activities within the Video and Visual course at their own pace. To self-enroll at any time, click here: COFFEE Video and Visual link.