No PO, No Pay

The University Procurement Policy for Purchase Orders mandates that “The procurement of all goods and services must be based on a purchase order issued to the supplier through our eProcurement system prior to the delivery of the goods or commencement of the service.  Except when approved in writing by the Director of Procurement, when placing orders using a Purchasing Card, or when paying approved direct expenditures.”

Requesting Expenditure

In accordance with the University’s “No PO No Pay” policy, any invoices received from a supplier that do not clearly state a valid Purchase Order provided by the University will be rejected and returned to the supplier. The only exceptions to this relate to good and services listed on the Direct Expenditure list below.

Exception to No PO, No Pay - Direct Expenditures

The following expenditures/circumstances do not require POs.  This list is under constant review and any further changes will be communicated as needed.

Utilities (electricity, gas, water)
Building Leases
Food for students or business meals – must be with previously contracted suppliers
Medical Expenses
Student Travel
Participant Support
Awards and Scholarships
Dues, Registrations, Memberships, & Sponsorships
Athletic Officials
Athletic Travel
Madren Center Resale Items
Subscriptions – magazines, newspapers, etc…  (Does NOT include software/IT Service subscriptions)
Employee Travel
Banking or Financial Transactions (with Bank of America, TigerStripe relates, dining plans, managed print)
Tax Only Payments
Royalty Payments
Expenses to another University related to athletic contest (guarantees, tickets, etc…) or regulatory refund of money to 3rd parties
US Homeland Security, VISA and other Federal HR type expenses
Student Org Payments
Postal Services (Stamps, Postage, Passport)
Library Database Subscriptions
Return of Sales Proceeds (PSA)
Attorney Fees
State Fleet Lease and Maintenance

Invoice Processing

Invoices received with a valid PO number with no discrepancies will be automatically routed for payment by the University eProcurement system.  Invoices received with a valid PO number but with discrepancies (pricing, description, receipt of good/services not complete), will be routed to the requesting University department to address, correct, and approve.  Invoices received without a valid purchase order number (or an incorrect purchase order reference) will be discarded. Supplier should contact the University employee who requested the goods or services to research unpaid invoices.


All invoices must be sent to Clemson in one of these two ways:

  1. Hardcopies addressed and mailed to Clemson University at the address below:
    Clemson University
    Dillard Building
    400 Klugh Ave
    Clemson, SC 29634
  2. Email PDF invoices to for quicker processing.

Do NOT send duplicate invoices or invoices via both methods as this will possibly delay payment.  All Invoices MUST reference the specific Clemson PO number that begins with either CU or FAC followed by 8 numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions From Suppliers

Q1: What is No PO No Pay?

No PO No Pay is one of Clemson University’s key financial control measures to ensure that payments are made only to suppliers and contractors with a supplied invoice (paper or electronic) containing a valid official purchase order (PO) number (unless it is for a Direct Expenditure, which is an exception to this requirement)

Q2: Why a No PO No Pay financial control measure?

No PO No Pay ensures that the University only pays for goods and services that have been properly ordered and authorized. It also ensures invoices received by University Accounts Payable representatives will be processed efficiently to minimize or eliminate payment delay to suppliers and contractors. Invoices received by the Accounts Payable representatives without a valid PO number will be discarded and not paid unless they are considered a Direct Expenditure that does not require a PO.

Q3: When does No PO No Pay come into effect?

No PO No Pay will apply to all orders of goods, services and works placed on or after March 1, 2019, and invoices received on or after this date.

Q4: How does No PO No Pay work?

No PO No Pay requires all invoices submitted by suppliers and contractors to contain an official PO number. In all instances requiring a PO, the supplier will need to be registered in the University purchasing/AP system and will receive a PO generated from the University eProcurement system.  The PO will contain a Clemson PO number that begins with either CU or FAC followed by 8 numbers.  Suppliers should demand a PO prior to conducting any services or shipping any goods.  Once goods are delivered or service complete, an invoice should be sent to the address indicated on the PO with the PO number clearly stated on the invoice.

Q5: What exceptions apply to the No PO No Pay?

The list of Direct Expenditures at the top of this page include expenditures/circumstances that do not require POs. This list is under constant review and any further changes will updated on the University Procurement website.

Q6: What is the valid PO number sequence/format for the University?

All valid POs from the University are emailed or faxed to the location indicated by the supplier when they register with the University.  However they are sent, all POs will begin with either CU or FAC followed by an eight digit number – e.g. CUxxxxxxxx or FACxxxxxxxx

Q7: What happens if I receive a PO and it does not seem to be correct or I don’t understand the details?

Contact the person who placed the PO initially (details will be noted on the PO) and ask for clarification. If necessary, the original PO can be cancelled and a replacement issued.

Q8: What should I do if I don’t receive a PO?

Contact the person who placed the verbal or email order and ask for a formal PO.  If you send an invoice for goods or services without receiving a PO, Clemson will need to issue you a confirming PO that you will have to send an invoice against in order to be paid.

Q9: How do I know that the PO has been approved at the correct level of authority?

POs will only be produced by our University eProcurement system if they have been internally authorized by the appropriate person at Clemson.