South Carolina Water Resources Conference

The South Carolina Water Resources Conference (SCWRC) provides an integrated forum for discussion of water policies, research projects and water management in order to prepare for and meet the growing challenge of providing water resources to sustain and grow South Carolina’s economy, while preserving our natural resources. Each of the five occurrences of the conference brought together over 300 registered attendees, featured over 120 presenters and hosted popular plenary speakers. A wider public audience has been reached since 2012 with live streaming video of the plenary sessions. 

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2018 Issue, Journal of SC Water Resources

2018 Poster Presentations

  • Call for Poster Abstracts Submittal Site
  • Students are eligible to compete in The Paul Conrads Student Poster Competition
  • For more information on the student poster competition, visit this link

The next SC Water Resources Conference will be held October 15-16, 2020

2018 Contributor Levels

2018 Exhibitor Information

2016 SCWRC Program (pdf, 11MB)