Natural Heritage Garden

Imagine a place where, in an hour or two, you can walk onto the barrier islands of South Carolina, wander through incredibly diverse longleaf pine savannas, explore 5,000 year old shell rings and Piedmont granite flatrocks and pass hundreds of carnivorous plants. Travel back in time 300 years to visit a remnant of the vast savannas and prairies that dotted the Midlands and Upstate and then continue into the cool ravines of the Jocassee Gorges. All of this is possible at the Natural Heritage Garden in the South Carolina Botanical Garden.

The Natural Heritage Garden is the largest, most comprehensive collection of native plants in a South Carolina public garden and in the Southeast. This Garden is truly innovative in providing an outdoor living and growing diorama.

Where better for this dream to come alive and inspire generations than at our state’s Botanical Garden? Help create a legacy that will educate and continue to grow for lifetimes in the South Carolina Botanical Garden. 

Ecosystems of the Natural Heritage Garden