Historic Homes at the South Carolina Botanical Garden

The South Carolina Botanical Garden houses two unique, historic properties: The Hanover House and the Hunt Cabin.

Hanover House

Image result for hanover house clemsonBuilt for Paul de St. Julien in 1716 in Berkley County, South Carolina, Hanover House was reconstructed on the Clemson University campus in 1941. It was relocated to the South Carolina Botanical Garden site in 1994. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is managed by Clemson University's Historic Properties department. Hanover House is closed on Clemson University holidays and home football game Saturdays.

Visit the Clemson Historic Properties page for more information on hours of operation and tour information. Please contact Historic Properties at 864-656-2475 or hisprop@clemson.edu for any questions concerning visiting the property.

Hunt Cabin

Image result for hunt cabin clemson scThe restored Hunt Cabin was built around 1826 by Charles Hunt Jr. Mr. Hunt married Martha Dalton in 1825. As a wedding present, Martha's father, Solomon Dalton, gave Charles 2,300 acres of land. The Hunt Cabin was built on this tract of land in Seneca, South Carolina. The Cabin was scheduled to be torn down but was purchased by the Clemson Class of 1915 for $35 and moved to Clemson College in 1955.

The original home contained four bedrooms on the first floor and a large front porch. As it currently stands, the Hunt Cabin has one large open room on the first floor, and the front porch is long removed. Legend has it that during the Civil War, General Sherman spent a night at the cabin and, thus, spared it from the torch during his long campaign in the South.