The South Carolina Botanical Garden offers miles of nature trails and woodland hikes for you to explore.

Natural Heritage Trail

Imagine a place where, in half a mile, you can walk onto the barrier islands of South Carolina, wander through incredibly diverse longleaf pine savannas, explore 5,000 year old shell rings and Piedmont granite flatrocks and pass hundreds of carnivorous plants. Travel back in time 300 years to visit a remnant of the vast savannas and prairies that dotted the Midlands and Upstate and then continue into the cool ravines of the Jocassee Gorges.

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Gwen Heusel Nature Trail

The Gwen Heusel Nature Trail is located in the oak-hickory forest beyond the Arboretum. The trail winds past the nature-based sculpture, "The Spaces In Between." The Heusel trail offers a wonderful place to walk and escape into nature.

Other trails to explore

Explore the trails along Hunnicutt Creek, which connect natural areas of the Garden and offer meadow vistas. The Arboretum loop road is frequented by walkers, bikers and joggers.