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SC Adopt-a-Stream Workshops During COVID-19 Pandemic
The following guidance is to be used for SC AAS Certified Trainers and volunteers as we navigate together the importance of keeping volunteers, trainers, and staff safe while continuing towards our shared goals of citizen science data collection on our SC rivers and ecosystems.

Recertifications for Active Monitors
Recertifications are currently extended by four months as the program pivots to address safe ways to maintain certifications and monitor. An online recertification will be offered beginning in July 2020 and for two weeks each quarter to keep active volunteers certified. The class will be self-paced, with engaging activities, and an exam to complete the certification requirements. All current and certified volunteers comfortable with the monitoring protocols are recommended to take the online course. In this way, new certification trainings can be offered as hybrid small group events in line with CDC guidelines.

New Certification Opportunities
Establishing an understanding of water quality, pollution, and water monitoring, as well as a level of confidence in use of equipment, sampling technique, and reporting results, are critical elements to a high integrity citizen science program. To continue progress in our ever-growing SC AAS program, new certifications will be offered through an online, interactive classroom. Participants will be able to ask questions to their live and local certified SC AAS Trainer. Following online training, Trainers will schedule time slots for small groups of volunteers (no more than 5 people at one time) to gain hands-on monitoring skills. Everyone will remain outdoors to minimize use of buildings and restrooms. To offer this safely and effectively for all involved, everyone is asked to follow CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • If you are experiencing any signs of illness, please stay home and wait for another opportunity.
  • Use PPE appropriately, with face mask covering from chin to nose. Volunteers must bring their own face mask.
  • Wear gloves the entire time, as you would when sampling.
  • Your Trainer will have a table set up along the river. The Trainer will demonstrate sample collection. Individuals, maintaining a minimum of 6' apart at all times, will be asked one-by-one to step up to the table and demonstrate testing on provided sample water.
  • Equipment will be wiped down by Trainers between participants.

Join us for the following training opportunities and events!

Recertification is provided at all Certification Events for the protocols offered. A plan will be coming in the next 18 months that will outline online recertification opportunities for those whose certification is in good standing and have been regularly monitoring for a determined timeframe. Stay tuned and keep monitoring!

(REMINDER: If you have participated in a workshop in 2020 and have not completed the workshop evaluation, please click here. We appreciate thoughtful feedback towards an improved learning experience! Thank you!)