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SC Adopt-a-Stream

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A volunteer kneels next to a stream while collecting a water sample.


Learn to measure temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and bacteria in freshwater streams.

A group of kids looking for macroinvertebrates in a tray filled with leaves.


Learn to collect and identify macroinvertebrates to assess freshwater stream habitat health.

Trainer Cara standing on a beach facing the water as she looks into a refractometer.

Tidal Saltwater

Learn to measure temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and transparency in tidal saltwater.

Join us for an upcoming training opportunity or other events!

Workshops typically last 5-6 hours and include an indoor classroom lesson and outdoor field practice. Hybrid options (virtual classroom/in-person outdoor lessons) are also available. Participants learn and practice the SC Adopt-a-Stream protocols for Freshwater, Macroinvertebrate, or Tidal Saltwater Monitoring, and must pass an open-book test to become certified in the appropriate protocol. Workshop attendance is always free, with occasional parking fees depending on location. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Beginning in 2022, Freshwater and Macroinvertebrate workshops will also be available in Spanish!

Two volunteers using titrators to add a chemical to water samples, testing for dissolved oxygen

Recertification is provided at all workshops, or you may complete your annual recertification online. The online course is provided through Canvas and is available in early March, July, and November. Online recertification courses are always announced in our E-News, and volunteers due to recertify are notified directly by email.

Workshops may also be scheduled on-demand for groups of six or more. Contact your local Trainer or a member of the State Team to request a workshop in your area!

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