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Office of Research Development

ORD Workshops: 2022–2023 Academic Year

  • “Oil and Water?” – Working with Industry - 01/30/23 @ 12-1:00 pm
    Description: Regardless of your status within a university research enterprise, it is probable that at some point you will collaborate with an industry partner. While both sides value research and the outcomes of research, there are key differences and approaches that should be understood prior to research engagement. Attendees of this workshop will gain an understanding of the different types of research collaborations between academia and industry, key issues to consider when engaging, points to consider from both the academic and industry perspectives, and areas of mutual understanding that will be critical to success. Register for the Zoom Session.
    Targeted Audience: Any faculty interested in pursuing research opportunities with industry.  Faculty are encouraged to invite other members of their research teams to participate, including post docs and graduate students.
  • Boosting Broader Impacts - 2/27/23 @ 9–11:00 am
    Description: Several federal agencies require PIs to describe the potential of the research project to benefit society. Communicating these “broader impacts” of proposed activities is critical to the competitiveness of your proposal. This workshop will present strategies for presenting broader impacts and will identify resources that can help you implement activities with the potential to contribute to the greater social good. Register for the Zoom Session.
    Targeted Audience: All faculty and staff who develop grant proposals.
  • Leap to Large - Week of 5/15/23; 9:00-11:00 AM M-F
    Description: This workshop series, headed by AVPR Dr. Shelia Cotten and Office of Research Development proposal development specialist Jane Jacobi, focuses on transitioning from relatively simple (single-PI/single-institution) to more complex (multi-PI, multi-institution, and multi-stakeholder) proposals. Our approach will be informed by the NSF-funded “Making the Leap to Large” program; participants will gain tools to help them successfully scale up their proposal efforts.
    Targeted Audience: Faculty who have had success with multiple single-PI or small group grant proposals and who think they may be ready to make the leap to larger, more complex proposals. Limited to 20 people maximum. Recommendation by a department chair/school director and associate dean for research are needed for possible inclusion in this training program.