Office of Research

9. Signs and Labels

a.     Prominent signs and labels of the following types should be posted:

b.     Emergency telephone numbers of emergency personnel/facilities, supervisors, and laboratory workers; This information should be posted at lab entrances (on or beside doors). Emergency response numbers should also be posted (preferably both inside—near phone and outside the lab). Information about the hazards (i.e., Biohazards, Radioactive materials, carcinogens, flammable, water reactive, etc.) that exist in the lab should be posted. General lab rules should also be posted:  NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE ALLOWED; NO SHORTS, SHORT SKIRTS, SANDALS, OPEN SHOES, ETC. ; SAFETY GLASSES AND LAB COATS MUST BE WORN BY ALL LAB PERSONNEL; VISITORS MUST WEAR SAFTEY GLASSES; NO VISITORS ALLOWED WITHOUT PERMISSION FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL; VISITORS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL 

c.    Identity labels, showing contents of containers (including waste receptacles) and associated hazards;

d.    Signs for location of emergency showers, eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, other safety and first aid equipment, exits and areas where food and beverage consumption and storage are permitted;

e.    Areas where hazardous materials are handled or stored must be posted with proper hazard warning signs (See “Signs and Labels”, Appendix D).