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Plan of Study (GS2)

The GS2 is online and accessible through iROAR. Submitting a GS2 is a 2-step process that includes (A) Committee Selection and (B) Plan of Study.

Timeline: A student must select his/her committee and get approval prior to the submitting of the actual plan of study. Degree-seeking master’s students must submit the GS2 by the middle of their second semester. The final version of the student’s GS2 must be on file by the date specified by Enrolled Services (graduation deadlines can be found on the deadlines page), or a late fee of $25 for the first day and $5 for every additional day will be charged.

Below are the steps to navigate the GS2 online.

      1. Go to the iRoar portal and select the Current students, faculty and staff option (login required).
      2. On the next screen click the iRoar button, located under the "Current and Future Terms" heading.
      3. From here, click the Student button.
      4. Select the Registration tab that appears just below the student button, and you should now see several options including the GS2 links.

From here you have access to both the GS2 Committee Selection and to the GS2 Plan of Study.

GS2 Faculty Advisor Selection and Plan of Study: This is a two-step process

      • Step 1 is the Committee Selection
      • Step 2 is the Plan of Study
      • Helpful Hints

Faculty Advisor Selection: Non-thesis MS degrees do NOT require a committee: however, they do require a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor for the online M.S. degree in Biological Sciences (MS-BIOS-G-AAC) is Dr. Robert Ballard, C88357337. Once Dr. Ballard is selected, click the submit button to trigger the approval process. You will receive an email when the process has been completed. DO NOT submit a Plan of Study until your faculty advisor is approved.

Once the faculty advisor is selected, click the submit button to trigger the approval process. You will receive an email when the process has been completed. DO NOT submit a Plan of Study until your committee is approved.

GS2 Plan of Study: The Plan of Study must be filed near the beginning of each student's program of study. Students must submit the curriculum by the middle of their second semester following matriculation.

The GS2 should list the following 10 three-credit hour courses required to complete the 30-credit hour program:

      • BIOL 8400 Understanding Biological Inquiry
      • BIOL 8410 Understanding Ecology and Ecosystems
      • BIOL 8420 Understanding Cellular Processes
      • BIOL 8430 Understanding Genetics and Evolutionary Biology
      • BIOL 8440 Understanding the Human Body 
      • BIOL 8450 Understanding Animal Biology
      • BIOL 8460 Understanding Plant Biology
      • BIOL 8470 Understanding Microbiology 
      • BIOL 8480 Understanding Scientific Research
      • BIOL 8490 Understanding Scientific Communication

Although not necessary, you may want to add the tentative dates for completion of each course.

GS2 Plan of Study instructions

      • To ADD courses, click on the Course Selection link at the bottom of the page.
      • To REMOVE courses, click on the check box to the left side of the course(s), and then click the Remove button.
      • The ADD TO PLAN button will add the courses to the Plan of Study.
      • To submit for APPROVAL, click on the Submit for Approval button (this will only show if you have courses in your plan).
      • Your plan will remain LOCKED until the approval process completes. Once the process of approval is completed you will be notified by email as to the final decision, either Approved or Denied. After the final decision has been made, you will have the option to UNLOCK the plan and re-submit a new one if so desired.

The date or term to be completed is not required.

GS2 Document Flow

      1. Faculty Adviser
      2. Program Coordinator
      3. Departmental Chair
      4. Associate Dean
      5. Enrollment Services

The GS7 form is not required.

Transfer Courses: Degree- and non-degree seeking students may transfer up to 12 credits of graduate courses into the degree program from accredited degree-granting institutions whose scholastic reputation is acceptable to Clemson University. To transfer, the graduate course content must be similar to one of our required courses with a grade of B or above. Transfer credits must not have been used to satisfy the requirements for any other degree and must have been completed within the six-year period preceding the date the graduate degree will be awarded. Transfer courses cannot be revalidated for graduate credit.  The program coordinator must approve all transfer courses. There are no exceptions to this requirement. 

Transfer courses are listed on the GS2 by selecting BIOL courses numbered 6999, 7999 or 8999 (number determined by the course number of the course approved for transfer), then adding an explanation in the Transfer Block, i.e., the institution that offered the course, the course title and the title of the course to be substituted. Submit the course transcripts to the Office of Enrolled Student Services, 104D Sikes Hall.

Do not add anything to the Professional Development Comments/Academic Integrity Activities block.

Remember, once you hit submit, you will not be able to alter your GS2 until it is approved or denied.