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Allison Mann

Biological Sciences

Post Doctoral Fellow

Jordan Hall 111 [Office]


Educational Background

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Oklahoma, 2018
M.A., Anthropology, University of Louisville, 2012
B.A., Anthropology, University of Louisville, 2009
B.S., Sociology, University of Louisville, 2009

Profile/About Me

I'm a biological anthropologist interested in how microbes can help us understand human evolution, health, history, and diversity. My research is focused on the interaction between cross-kingdom microbes in diverse host species including humans, non-human primates, and insect disease vectors. In addition, I am interested in understanding human-associated microbial diversity in the past by analyzing preserved paleofeces and dental calculus from archaeological collections.

Research Interests

Molecular anthropology; protists in the human and non-human primate gut; evolution of the oral microbiome; bioinformatics; ancient DNA; host-associated microbial ecology

Selected Publications

2020 AE Mann, JA Fellows Yates, Z Fagernäs, RM Austin, EA Nelson, CA Hofman. Do I have something in my teeth? The trouble with genetic analyses of diet from archaeological dental calculus. Quaternary International

2020 AE Mann, EA Mitchell, Y Zhang, R Curtis-Robles, S Thapa, SA Hamer, MS Allen. Comparison of the bacterial gut microbiome of North American Triatoma spp. with and without Trypanosoma cruzi. Frontiers in Microbiology

2019 AE Mann, F Mazel, MA Lemay, E Morien, V Billy, M Kowalewski, A Di Fiore, A Link, TL Goldberg, S Tecot, AL Baden, A Gomez, ML Sauther, FP Cuozzo, GAO Rice, NJ Dominy, R Stumpf, RJ Lewis, L Swedell, K Amato, L Wegener Parfrey. Biodiversity of protists and nematodes in the wild non-human primate gut. ISME

2018 KA Ziesmer, J Ramos-Madrigal, AE Mann, B Brandt, K Sankaranarayanan, AT Ozga, M Hoogland, DC Salazar-Garcia, B Frolich, G Milner, M Aldenderfer, CM Lewis Jr, C Hofman, C Warinner, H Schroeder. The efficacy of whole human genome capture and high throughput sequencing of ancient dental calculus and dentin. American Journal of Physical Anthropology

2018 AE Mann, S Sabin, K Ziesemer, ÅJ Vågene, H Schroeder, AT Ozga, K Sankaranarayanan, CA Hofman, JA Fellows Yates, DC Salazar-Garcia, B Frohlich, M Aldenderfer, M Hoogland, C Read, CM Lewis Jr, J Krause, C Hofman, K Bos, C Warinner. Differential preservation of endogenous human and microbial DNA in dental calculus and dentin. Scientific Reports

2017 C Warinner, A Herbig, AE Mann, JA Fellows-Yates, CL Weiß, HA Burbano, L Orlando, J Krause. A robust framework for microbial archaeology. Annual Reviews of Genomics and Human Genetics

2015 KA Ziesemer, AE Mann, K Sankaranarayanan, H Schroeder, AT Ozga, B Brandt, E Zaura, A Waters-Rist, M Hoogland, DC Salazar-Garcia, M Aldenderfer, A Henry, C Speller, J Hendy, D Weston, MJ Collins, CM Lewis Jr, C Hofman, C Warinner. Intrinsic challenges in ancient microbiome reconstruction using 16S rRNA gene amplification. Scientific Reports