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Biological Sciences Profiles

Douglas Bielenberg

Associate Professor
Biological Sciences Department

Office: 155 Long Hall
Phone: 864-656-2328
Fax: 8646560435


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Plant Physiology
The Pennsylvania State University 2000

B.S. Biology
University of Northern Iowa 1995

 Courses Taught

BIOL 4010 Plant Physiology Lecture
BIOL 4020 Plant Physiology Lab
BIOL 2000 Biology in the News
BIOL 4930 Senior Seminar

 Research Interests

Plant responses to the abiotic environment have been the theme of my research career. Currently I am focused on understanding the environmental regulation of floral and vegetative bud break timing in perennial species. My program combines genetic, molecular and ecophysiological approaches to investigate spring phenology.


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