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Biological Sciences Profiles

Melissa Fuentes

Curator I Campbell Museum of Natural History
Biological Sciences Department

Office: 138 Long Hall
Phone: 864-656-2328
Fax: 864-656-0435


 Educational Background


The Bob and Betsy Campbell Museum of Natural History houses an extensive collection of native and exotic specimens and taxidermy mounts. As of 2017, our dry storage area holds over 4,000 mammals, 7,000 birds, and 5,000 egg clutches and our wet storage contains 2,500 preserved reptiles and amphibians, as well as 7,000 fish.
Many of our specimens are mounted or preserved in-house by the curator and by a dedicated group of university volunteers and our new work-study. Daily work in the museum also includes the preservation and conservation of antique mounts, skeletal articulations, preparation of new specimens to be mounted or preserved, as well as growing the collection via outreach to other museums and universities as well as through donations from locals.

 Extension and Outreach

Currently focusing on serving Clemson University students and their desire to learn preservation, conservation, and mounting techniques. We learn what it takes to maintain a natural history collection and how to create study skins, taxidermy mounts, and wet preserved specimens, as well as skeleton articulation and mummification.
Outreach efforts have also been put in motion to allow other schools to come tour the museum and get a behind-the-scenes look at current projects and daily museum life.