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Biological Sciences Profiles

Olivier Larouche

Postdoctoral Fellow
Biological Sciences Department

Phone: 864-952-9631


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Biology
Université du Québec à Rimouski 2017

B.Sc. Biological Sciences
Université du Québec à Rimouski 2011


I completed my Ph.D. in biology at the Université du Québec à Rimouski (Quebec, Canada) under the co-supervision of Dr. Richard Cloutier and Dr. Miriam L. Zelditch (University of Michigan). My doctoral thesis focused on the relationships between modularity, morphological disparity and evolutionary rates using fishes and their appendages as a model system. I presently work as a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Samantha Price’s Laboratory of Vertebrate Macroevolution at Clemson University where I am investigating ecological correlates of body shape evolution in ray-finned fishes.

 Research Interests

My work focuses on integrating information at the micro- and macroevolutionary scales to better understand present and past biodiversity patterns. The overarching goals of my research are to investigate organismal properties and ecological factors that affect the tempo and direction of morphological evolution and therefore contribute to the diversification of body shapes.


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Larouche, O., M.L. Zelditch and R. Cloutier, 2017. Fin modules: An evolutionary perspective on appendage diversity in basal vertebrates. BMC Biology 15(1): 1-26.

Larouche, O., R. Cloutier and M.L. Zelditch, 2015. Head, body and fins: Patterns of
morphological integration and modularity in fishes. Evolutionary Biology 42(3): 296-311.

Genard, B., O. Larouche, J.-L. Nicolas, P. Miner, M.-L. Beaudin and R. Tremblay, 2014. Effect of the probiotic strain Phaeobacter gallaeciensis after bacterial challenge on the complete larval development of Pecten maximus. Aquatic Living Ressources 27(1): 27-34.