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Biological Sciences Profiles

Xianzhong Yu

Associate Professor
Biological Sciences Department

Office: LSF 051B
Phone: 864-656-0718


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Molecular & Cellular Biology
Ohio university 1998

MS Reproductive Biology
Changchun University of Agriculture and Animal Sciences 1988

 Research Interests

Tumor associated macrophages (TAMs)
As the most abundant immune cells recruited to the tumor milieu, tumor associated macrophages (TAMs) present at every stage of tumor development. Clinical data and animal models suggest that TAMs are skewed by tumor microenvironment to adopt a M2 phenotype and play a pro-tumoral role via stimulating angiogenesis, enhancing tumor cell invasion, motility and intravasation. TAMs are also involved in maintaining the immune suppressive state of the tumor microenvironment by mechanisms such as production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), production of IL-10 which in turn can induce the expression of costimulatory molecule PD-L1 in monocytes to inhibit CTL responses, production of prostaglandin E2(PGE2), IL-10, and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase to induce Tregs. Thus, TAMs are considered as a very attractive prognostic biomarker and a therapeutic target.
My lab is interested in re-educating TAMs to fight tumor by the manipulation of the TLR-IRF signal transduction pathway. TLR receptors on macrophages can recognize pathogens by binding to pathogen associated molecular pattern (PAMPs), leading to the secretion of a wide array of pro-inflammatory cytokines. By conjugation to Zymosan particles which are yeast derived glucan particles and a natural ligand of TLR4, we can target recombinant adenoviral particles encoding constant active IRF3 and IRF7 to macrophages by phagocytosis. Expression of active IRF3 and IRF7 by TAMs can polarize TAMs to M1 phenotype which in turn can push the tumor microenvironment into an immune active state.


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