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Here are some upcoming events in Biological Sciences

APR 24
41st Annual Biology Merit Exam

41st Annual Biology Merit Exam

3/12/30 UPDATE - this event will now be held online.  Details to come - please see the website.

The Clemson University Department of Biological Sciences annually conducts the Biology Merit Exam to recognize and promote outstanding achievement in the biological sciences among middle and high school students in South Carolina. 

Students taking the Biology Merit Exam at Clemson University will have an opportunity to:

      • Test their biology knowledge
      • Prepare for the Advanced Placement Exam
      • Prepare for success on the Biology End of Course Exam
      • Compete against students at grade level for awards

To register and for more information, please see

9:00 am

MAY 12
Emeritus College Seminar with Dr. Trudy Mackay

Emeritus College Seminar with Dr. Trudy Mackay

  • Online Presentation: 05/12/2020, Tuesday: Seminar: Comparative Genomics: From Flies to Humans, Humans to Flies with Dr. Trudy Mackay: What are the challenges facing human geneticists today, and how can fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) help solve these challenges? Please join Dr. Trudy Mackay for a seminar and discussion on Human Genetics.  Dr. Mackay’s research goal is to understand the genetic and environmental factors that affect traits and how this data can influence risk modification of human diseases. She will describe some of her work developing fly models of human complex traits and diseases. Dr. Mackay is the Self Family Chair of Human Genetics and Professor of Genetics and Biochemistry.

Please contact Nicci Hanewald at with any questions or if you would like information about joining the presentation.

Click HERE more for information on joining and participating in a ZOOM Meeting.


10:30 am

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