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Here are some upcoming events in Biological Sciences

AUG 11
Emeritus College Online Seminar with Dr. Gary Powell

Emeritus College Online Seminar with Dr. Gary Powell

August 11 (Tuesday) 10:00am – 11:00am, Online Seminar: Covid-19 Vaccines-an update with Dr. Gary Powell, Professor Emeritus of Genetics and Biochemistry: Dr. Powell will start with a brief definition of terms, what therapeutics are and how treatments of active disease differ from vaccines that act to prevent disease.  Next, he will present a brief recap of the history of vaccination, and how vaccines are traditionally prepared as well as a bit about how the human immune system works. Following, he will address new drug development with information about what Phases 1- 4 mean and the importance of gathering comprehensive data on the safety and performance of vaccines through these phases before FDA approval and using the new drugs on the general public.  Dr. Powell will discuss what is being done new with some of the cutting-edge versions for Covid-19.  Most experts think we will not have a tested vaccine available until early 2021. Negotiating the first three phases generally takes 10-15 years! Seminar participants will understand why at the conclusion of the session.  

Please contact Nicci Hanewald at with any questions or if you would like information about joining the presentation. 

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10:00 am

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