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Clemson University Herbarium Database

The Clemson database is available through the search engine managed by SERNEC (SouthEast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections) is a consortium of over 230 herbaria in 14 states in the southeastern USA. These data span 200 years of botanical information housed in herbaria in the Southeast and are vital to studies in biodiversity, evolution, ecology and systematics and to help serve the general public.

To explore the Clemson University Herbarium Database, follow these directions:
  • First, go to the SERNEC portal at 
  • From the Specimen Search drop-down menu choose Search Collections.
  • Remove the checkmarks by clicking the Select/Deselect All box.
  • Scroll down to Clemson and then check the box (or boxes) of the collections you wish to search. Then click Search (at the top right).
  • In the Search Criteria screen, you can look for plants by entering all or part of their Common Name, Scientific Name, or other categories
  • When you are ready to search, select List Display.

And there!  Any matching specimens will appear!

The Clemson University Herbarium (CLEMS) is also searchable online through the Flora Caroliniana, an interactive and flexible new interface that is constantly growing to include new features. 

Clemson University Herbarium (CLEMS) also has a mycology specimens collection available online through The Mycology Collections data Portal (MyCoPortal).  Our specimens can be viewed at this link: