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Herbarium Policies

Visitation Policy

The Clemson University Herbarium welcomes students and researchers Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Due to field work and staff teaching schedules, it is advisable to contact the curator (  to confirm opening hours. Arrangements to visit at other times must be made in advance with the curator. Visitors should sign the guest log and include their name(s), date of visit, research project, taxa examined and institutional affiliation.

Incoming Plant Material

All plant material brought into the herbarium must be first be treated to remove any threat of insect contamination. Plant material should be given to a staff member for freezing prior to use in the herbarium.

Collection Use Policy

The collections at Clemson University are available to all researchers during normal business hours. Researchers are expected to treat and handle the specimens with great care. If you are unsure about the proper handling of herbarium specimens, please consult a staff member. Researchers are asked NOT to re-file specimens, and any specimens used should be placed in the designated area for re-filing by herbarium staff.

Annotation Policy

Researchers are encouraged to annotate specimens they examine. Annotations should be made with archival ink or typed on acid-free paper. The labels should include the determination, researcher's name, date, and institution of affiliation. Annotation labels should be placed either above or to the left of the specimen label if possible. Please consult the herbarium staff for assistance.

Loan Policy

The specimens housed at the Clemson University Herbarium are available to scientists for research and education. The herbarium maintains an archival collection and a separate teaching collection. Loans utilized for educational purposes may be obtained from the teaching collection. All loan requests must be made in writing to the curator. Specimens are packed to assure their safe arrival and are to be returned in the same manner. Loans are made for either a six-month or 12-month period. Loan extensions may be requested in writing before the termination of the requested loan period.