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Seminar Series Schedule

Our department hosts a free and open seminar series during the Fall and Spring semesters. All seminars take place 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. in Jordan Hall Room G-33 (basement level) unless otherwise noted. For location details, view the Map and Parking Services information.

Our seminars are sponsored by the Paynter Commemorative Fund and the Biological Sciences Excellence Fund.


3:30 pm
Watt Auditorium

University of Louisville How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog) Margaret Ptacek

Gregory Warr

Medical University of South Carolina

Information Theory and the Structure of Discrete Systems

Andy Mount
2/22/19 University of Georgia Anolis Lizards for Studies of Gene Function in Development and Evolution Kara Powder
3/1/19 University of Massachusetts- Amherst Animal Avatars and Sticky Geckos: Bio-Inspiration and Life in 3D 

Kara Powder
Rick Blob

142 LSF

Villanova University

Mangroves Marching: Warming Can Influence Coastal Wetlands with Implications for Resilience to Sea Level Rise

Mike Sears

Monday 3/25/2019
3:30 PM
G33 Jordan

Southwest National Primate Research Center,
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Marmosets as Monkey and Models: Research at the Interface Mike Sears
3/29/19 University of Maryland Perception, Memory, and Animal Movement Sharon Bewick

2:30 pm
Watt Auditorium

North Carolina State University Evolution at the intersection of dietary adaptation and sex in East African cichlid fish

Kara Powder

Co-hosted by Genetics and Biochemistry

4/19/19 Case Western Reserve University Contemporary Evolution in the City: How Acorn-Dwelling Ants Remodel Their Physiology to Cope with Urban Heat Islands Mike Sears
4/26/19 University of Chicago Phylogenetics and Evolutionary Biomechanics in Coral Reef Fishes Biological Sciences Graduate Student Association