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CARE Report FAQs

  • What happens when I file a CARE Report?

    Staff in the Office of Advocacy and Success review all CARE reports within one business day. Sometimes additional information or clarification is needed from the person who filed the CARE report, and we contact them as needed. Each CARE report is assigned a staff member within the CARE network team; who is to contact the referred individual to schedule a meeting. During the meeting, the student’s situation is assessed, referrals are made to appropriate resources and support services and/or advocacy services are provided. 

  • Can I submit a CARE Report anonymously?

    Yes, you are able to submit a CARE Report anonymously; however, we strongly discourage this practice and ask that you continue reading to understand why. At times additional information is needed in order to identify the best plan of action for supporting a referred student. The Office of Advocacy and Success may need to contact you for additional information. You may request to remain unidentified to the individual you are referring, and we will do our best to honor your request and protect your privacy. It is important that the CARE report focus on objective, observable and factual information avoiding labels, stereotypes, hearsay and mere assumptions.

  • Can students receive CARE services while studying abroad? What about exchange students?

    Yes, a CARE report can be filed for any current Clemson student. The CARE network staff works to provide each student with individualized support and the best possible referrals or resources to help meet their needs. When students are studying abroad or are exchange students, we typically work closely with the Clemson Study Abroad Office and The Office of Global Engagement to help ensure we are providing the best care possible.

  • What information should I be sure to include when filing a CARE report?

    CARE Reports are a way for you to share your concern about what you have seen, heard, or perceived to have taken place that may have impacted a student's health, safety, or well-being. Please include objective, observable, and factual information. We ask that you avoid labels, stereotypes, and reporting based on hearsay or mere assumptions. Please remember, in emergent situations, or in any situation that requires immediate attention or assistance, you follow the steps detailed at the top of the CARE Report, which outlines what to do BEFORE filing a Report.

    In emergency situations, or those requiring immediate attention, only filing a CARE report is NOT appropriate, and doing so could result in valuable time being lost that could have made all the difference in that student’s life. If you are aware of an emergency situation, please call the Clemson University Police Department at (864)656-2222. THEN file a CARE Report outlining what has happened and what steps have been taken.


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