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Advocacy and Success


Safety Measures

Please consider the following safety information:

College is a time for new adventures and personal growth. While doing these things, safety must remain a consideration. Whether taking the step to lock your door, knowing who you’re spending time with or knowing how to access emergency services, your safety is essential to your well-being. Make sure to save important telephone numbers in your phone, including your roommate, close friends, emergency contacts, the local police department and Clemson University Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number (864-656-2222).

City Codes

Cities and municipalities have codes or guidelines that are routinely enforced. You may find yourself in trouble with local municipalities if these codes are broken. Be sure to educate yourself on what is expected from renters, roommates, and even home owners.

Below are links to local municipalities. Contact the office for the city or municipality that you live in to find codes specific to you.

Party Smart

The safety and well-being of students is a top priority for the City of Clemson and Clemson University. Alcohol abuse and the use of other drugs is a well-recognized threat to the health, safety and academic success of college students everywhere. Clemson University, in partnership with the community, works to ensure numerous resources and educational opportunities regarding alcohol and other drugs are available to students. Please visit the Healthy Campus’ website for helpful health and wellness information. Follow Healthy Campus on social media for health and wellness tips, articles and more.

Clemson’s Healthy Campus has tips on how to party smart and safe through their Celebrate Safely programs.

Student Code of Conduct and MAAP

Student Code of Conduct

Clemson University Students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct. For questions regarding the Student Code of Conduct, please contact the Office of Community and Ethical Standards at 864-656-0510.

Medical Alcohol Amnesty Policy (MAAP)

The purpose of the Medical Alcohol Amnesty Policy (MAAP) is to facilitate access and remove barriers to students who require medical assistance in alcohol-related emergencies. Students seeking emergency assistance, either for themselves or on behalf of another student, during an alcohol-related emergency will not be charged or sanctioned for violations of University alcohol-related policies. For questions regarding MAAP, please contact the Office of Community and Ethical Standards at 864-656-0510.

Office of Advocacy and Success
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