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Campus Reservations and Events

Student Employment Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any additional questions, please contact us.

  • Why should I work for Campus Reservations and Events?
    Campus Reservations and Events is more than a student job. It is an opportunity to gain skills that will surpass your college experience and that will transfer into your post-collegiate career.
  • What is the process to get a job?
    1. To apply for employment through Campus Reservations and Events, students must submit their resume via Clemson JobLink. You may locate all positions currently being hired in our department by typing our department name in the search bar. A hiring manager over the corresponding position will follow up with you regarding an interview if your qualifications match. Please note that any  Federal Work Study positions available will be offered through  Clemson University’s Student Financial Aid office and is a separate process from our department’s employment application. Please contact Financial Aid for more information.

    2. If a student is selected for hire, our Coordinator of Payroll and Hiring will be prompted to hire them and complete the nessesary identification documents (CUID, driver's license, and signed Social Security card). Please note, we do not permit the submission of passports or other identification items in the place of a social security card.

    3. The student will then receive an email from HR explaining how to set up their direct deposit information. Note: Unless the student has received this email, they will not be able to set up their direct deposit.

    4. The student will need to sign up for and attend an Orientation Session. Please email to register for required employee orientation. *Please note, participation in an Employee Orientation Workshop is mandatory in order to be eligible for employment in our department. New hires have to attend Employee Orientation within two-months of getting hired.

    *The student will also have to attend an area specific training for each area that they work in.

  • What is the hourly pay?

    The starting rate for student employees in our department is $7.50.

  • How often would I get paid?

    Campus Reservations and Events uses Clemson University’s semi-monthly pay cycle, which means you will be paid twice a month, on every 15 and last day of each month through direct deposit.

  • What would I have to wear?

    A purple Campus Reservations & Events polo will be distributed to you for you to wear during your shifts. Event employees are required to wear khakis and closed toe shoes with their polo. Venue operations employees are allowed to wear solid color bottoms and closed toe shoes with their polo. In special circumstances, our dress code is adjusted for the particular job being worked and that information is sent out by a student manager.

  • Dddddo I have to go through Employee Orientation?
    Yes. Employee orientation is a two-hour workshop that is required for all employees to learn the policies and procedures of our department. Also, within each area, you will have to attend an area specific training session for your respective work area.
  • Are there any academic requirements for this position?

    Yes, you must be a student in good standing at Clemson University and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

  • Do I have to be a student in order to work this job?

    Though we would like to provide employment opportunities to non-students, this job is for students who are currently enrolled full time or part time at Clemson University only.

  • If I don’t attend the upcoming Employee Orientation, will I not be able to work?

    In an effort to maintain our expectations of professionalism and exceptional customer service, we do not allow employees to work until they have completed Employee Orientation. New employees have to complete their requirement within two-months of being hired or risk employment probation or termination. Returning employees are also expected to renew this training every academic year.

  • Are there opportunities for advancement?

    Yes. Student employees that have worked in our department for at least one year, completed their training requirements, and have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA are eligible to apply to be a student manager in our department. Applications become available in March of each year for the following academic year.

Campus Reservations and Events
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