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Lee Hall
School of Architecture

2022-2023 Lecture Series

Healing Environments

Landscapes and Architectures After the Crisis

HEALING ENVIRONMENTS Landscapes and Architectures After the Crisis is the title of the Clemson University School of Architecture’s spring lecture series, which kicks off on Wednesday, Jan 27. The series is presented by the School of Architecture, the Clemson Architectural Foundation, and the Clemson Architecture Center, Charleston.

Lecturers from across the globe representing a variety of architectural styles will present both on Clemson’s main campus and at the Clemson Design Center, Charleston. Each lecture will be delivered in person and streamed online. See below for a complete list of times, locations, and speakers.

If you cannot join us in person, you may join all lectures via Zoom:

Spring 2023

  • Monday, Jan. 30 at 5:00 p.m. - Sekou Cooke // LEGACY: CELEBRATING THE IMPACT OF HARVEY GANTT // Clemson Campus - Lee 2-111

    A photo of Sekou CookeSekou Cooke is an architect, urban designer, researcher, and curator. Born in Jamaica and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, he is the Director of the Master of Urban Design program at UNC Charlotte, the 2021/2022 Nasir Jones HipHop Fellow at the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research at Harvard University, and a founding member of the Black Reconstruction Collective. Cooke is a leading advocate for the study and practice of Hip-Hop Architecture, which addresses the broad impacts of the racist history of architecture and urban planning, opening a pathway for practice, education, and scholarship that embraces architecture as a tool for shaping, reflecting, and understanding culture.



  • Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 2:30 p.m. - Marcos Parga // Clemson Campus - Lee 2-111

    An image of  Marcos PargaMarcos Parga is an international, award-winning architect and designer, Assistant Professor at Syracuse University School of Architecture and founding principal of MAPAa, a design practice based in Syracuse and Madrid.

    His current research explores alternative ways of practicing and evaluating the architecture of the collective, considering the impact of contemporary environmental, political, economic, and social issues on the built environment and its influence on creating the appropriate conditions for certain social changes to occur.

    Through his studios at Syracuse SoA, he investigates emerging models of urban commons and new forms of domestic aggregations, questioning the political role of architects in shaping those alternative realities.


  • Wednesday, April. 5 at 2:30 p.m. - Diane Jones // Richard O'Cain Lecture // Clemson Campus - Lee 2-111

    An image of Diane Jones AllenDr. Diane Jones Allen has established a national reputation by bridging practice and research in the areas she cares most deeply about; transportation access, sustainability, and environmental justice. These interests have led to a research and creative output that is remarkable for the holistic integration of academic productivity with successful and meaningful practice. As Principal Landscape Architect with Design Jones LLC, she became elevated to Fellow in the American Society of Landscape Architects in 2019. Design Jones LLC also received the 2016 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Community Service Award under her leadership. Diane is a Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board (CLARB) certified landscape architect, licensed in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Mississippi and Maryland.