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Rooftop of the Genoa, Italy Villa
School of Architecture

Clemson Architectural Foundation Trustees

Clemson Architectural Foundation

The Clemson Architectural Foundation was founded in 1956 as an eleemosynary corporation to support and enrich the professional programs in the College of Architecture. That partnership has grown from one program in 1956 to five in 1993, including a college name change to support the programs supported. These are South Carolina's only programs in architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, and construction science management, and they join the fine arts in forming a uniquely integrated school of professional studies within the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities. One of the CAF's most significant accomplishments has been the establishment of the Charles E. Daniel Center for Building Research and Urban Study in Genoa, Italy - in a villa owned and operated by the CAF for the benefit of the College and University. Each semester twenty-two students representing all disciplines in the college study and analyze Italian and European building construction, architecture, planning, landscape architecture, art, and history. The lessons learned here by the students are brought back home to apply after graduation to the built environment of South Carolina. Over 1,400 students, faculty, and professionals have been in residence at the Daniel Center since its founding in 1973. Since then, the School of Design + Building has established study programs in Barcelona, Spain, and Charleston, South Carolina; both of which the CAF also supports.

Charles E. Daniel Center for Building Research and Urban Study
CAF officers

Clemson Architectural Foundation Trustees

President Sam Herin
Past President Eric Holmberg
Todd Sease
Rick del Monte
Jamie Schwedler
Todd Richardson
Earl Swisher
Dana Silvers
Cleve Walker
Lisa Lanni
Jeff Pitts
Joeb Moore
Lynn Craig
Rick Mellin
Marc Marchant
Lockie Brown
Katherine Kennon
Nicole Perri
Josh Tiller
Jimmy Wilhide
BJ Laterveer
Jennifer Smith Rogers
Kelley Waldrop
Lee Henderson O'Shields
Terry Buchmann
Robby Aull
Allison (Marshall) Tucker
Kenneth Webb
Robbert Yannazzo
Noah Tolson
Robyn Rogers
Debbie Chitwood
Stephen Roth
Derwin Broughton
Matt Tindall
Jay Martin
Kevin Roberts
Billy Connell
Ben Urueta
CUF representative Rus Kingman
Honorary Lifetime
John Jacques
Jim Barker 
Kate Schwennsen
Bill Pelham
Rick Goodstein
CAF Prize Winners
2021 Nehemiah Ashford-Carroll
2022 Caitlyn Van de Meulebroecke
2023 Angie Mendoza

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Kaycee Collins

Administrative Coordinator for Clemson Architectural Foundation

Office: Lee 3-119 Phone: 864-656-3904 Email:

Kaycee Collins
School of Architecture
School of Architecture | Lee Hall 3-130, Clemson, South Carolina 29634