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Minor in Architecture

Minor in Architecture

The Minor in Architecture is available to students in any degree program who may be interested in architecture, cities and landscapes. The minor offers an overview of architecture and the built environment, from simple structures to the larger context of urban areas. The minor is of particular value to those who have wondered about architecture as a possible career or who see themselves working in a parallel field where a knowledge of architecture is important. Through a survey of architectural principles, basic design, architectural history, and architecture appreciation, students will acquire an understanding of the discipline and its possibilities.

A large portion of the minor (12 credit hours) will be offered during the summer at Clemson's Daniel Center in Genoa, Italy. Located at Via Piaggio 14, Genoa, students live, eat, and work together in the Daniel Center. Built in 1899, "The Villa" accommodates up to 24 resident students and contains living and dining rooms, a library, studio space, and related facilities. A large garden overlooks the city, harbor, and the Mediterranean.

For questions regarding the minor or for registration information, contact Professor Dan Harding,  

There will be an information meeting about the Minor in Architecture on September 28th at 6:30PM in Lee 3-136. 

  • Coursework

    Fifteen credit hours are required for the minor:

    • ARCH 1010  Introduction to Architecture  3 credits   (Fall only)
    • DSGN 3700  Design Appreciation  6 credits   (Summer only)
    • ARCH 4710  Architecture History of Place  3 credits   (Summer only)
    • ARCH 4720  Field Studies  3 credits   (Summer only)

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