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historic preservation site visit with students
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Minor in Historic Preservation

Minor in Historic Preservation

Completed during the summer term at the Clemson Design Center Charleston, the minor in historic preservation will benefit students interested in studying historic buildings and landscapes and their historic context. Courses in the minor teach historic preservation through a hands-on curriculum, building fundamental skills, including hand-measured drawing, architectural photography, landscape mapping and architectural conservation. The minor is completed during the summer term at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston.

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  • Coursework

    HP - 2010 - Introduction to Historic Preservation: This course guides students through an investigation of the history, theory and philosophy of historic preservation in the United States. The course will devote considerable attention to the history of the historic preservation movement in the United States from its beginnings in the mid-19th century through its modern flowering in the decades that followed World War II to the present.

    HP - 3010 - Researching Historic Properties: The course is an introduction to the professional research methods and strategies used in historic preservation studies of the built environment. It is designed to afford each student with the tools to uncover and showcase a building’s story in order to preserve its role and relevancy in today's society.

    HP - 3020 - Preserving American Architectural History: This course investigates architectural developments in the United States from the mid-fifteenth century to the present day and will expose students to the growth and change of the American architectural landscape both geographically and aesthetically.  Focusing on the basic form, construction, and ornamental attributes of buildings is important to understanding buildings as products of particular times and places.

    HP - 3030 - Historic Preservation Documentation: This course will address fundamentals of measuring and recording, graphically, American buildings of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries. The course will develop background knowledge and skill acquisition through a combination of classroom and field-work class formats. During onsite course meetings students will develop skills in hand-measured drawing and photographic documentation.

    HP - 3040 - Conservation for Historic Preservation: This course will focus on the properties and performance of traditional and historic building materials. Through lectures, coordinating site visits and hands-on opportunities in the laboratory and field, a basic knowledge will be provided to participants that will allow better understanding of the mechanics of deterioration and the choices for treatments.

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Summer Minor Timeline

NOVEMBER: Applications for Summer 2024 open. 
JANUARY: 18 & 19 - Zoom Information Sessions

1 - Application Deadline

12 - Acceptance letters go out this week

26 - Return signed acceptance letter and declare minor in iRoar

MARCH: 4 - Purchase materials kit

1 - Confirm housing is secured for summer 

8 - Register for classes 

MAY: 14 - Classes begin
AUGUST 2 - 5: Final Exams



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