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PSA/CAFLS Branding

Protecting the Clemson Brand

University Relations introduced new brand guidelines in 2020, which all units are expected to follow. The guidelines outline revised colors, new fonts, new logos, updated messaging, updated stationary, updated communication tools, revised photography and video styles and web design. Currently, CAFLS websites are being rebuilt to reflect the rebrand.

All of the resources available on this site meet University brand guidelines, so you can use templates and resources with confidence. Any materials developed by the PSA/CAFLS communications team will also meet guidelines.

If you would like to develop content on your own or with a freelance designer, you are responsible for meeting University brand guidelines, so we have included all pertinent brand information, including fonts, colors, logo usage, etc. The communications team is happy to look over any designs to help ensure that brand standards are met.

Note: Clemson logos are protected and vendors must be licensed to reproduce them. Clemson uses a brand-management program, Brand 360, that helps ensure brand compliance. Designs that use old logos or unrecognized logos will be flagged by the system, resulting in lost production time.


Learn how to use logos properly: correct usage, incorrect usage, clear space, old logos to avoid

Brand Fonts

Learn about the University brand fonts and how they can help you reinforce your message

Brand Colors

Color code information for Clemson's primary and expanded color palette

PowerPoint Templates

Branded PowerPoint templates are available in light and dark themes

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