The Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences is home to a number of disciplines related to the environment, food systems, sustainability, plant breeding, plant pathology, entomology, mycology, and soil and water sciences, among others. As such, we are a multidisciplinary department offering a number of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Not only do our faculty teach a wide variety of courses, their research is diverse and innovative, often collaborating with disciplines within our own department, in different colleges across campus, and with other industry giants around the nation and world, working with engineers, biologists, geneticists, and mathematicians, to name a few. Their research equips agricultural industries with scientific discoveries that help keep our environment and agricultural productions healthy. 

For more information on our undergraduate degrees in Horticulture, Plant and Environmental Sciences undergraduate, and Turfgrass, and our graduate degrees in Entomology, and Plant and Environmental Sciences graduate, please visit the "quick links" to the right. 

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