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New Student TigerOne Photos

Attention New Students: You MUST upload your photo before you come to Orientation in order to obtain your TigerOne ID at your orientation session. If your photo is not uploaded, your TigerOne card will NOT be preprinted for pickup.

Why submit your photo online? Simple, your time is valuable and we want to reduce your time waiting in line. The guidelines are really simple to follow and in a matter of minutes you can upload a photo that will become your official photo while you attend Clemson University.

Did you know? This is not just a photo for your ID card. It is the photo that appears in the Clemson directory and on class rolls to name a few. Your photo is used in many ways at Clemson and we want you to be happy with your photo.

What are the guidelines? The best example is a passport photo. Visit their page here to see their examples. We have also listed the top 5 reasons photos are rejected on our photo submission guidelines page.

Where is the TigerOne card pickup? The TigerOne office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 - 4:30.

Find more information on Orientation and transitioning to Clemson by visiting http://www.clemson.edu/accepted-students/orientation/

CU Soon!

Kimberly and the TigerOne Team