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Park and Conservation Area ManagementPark and Conservation Area Management

Clemson University's department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management offers a Parks and Conversation Area Management (PCAM) program which prepares students to work for government, non-profit, and for-profit agencies and organizations who manage our natural and historic heritage parks and/or provide outdoor recreation services that minimizes environmental impacts and provides high quality experiences. Read More

Forestry and Environmental ConservationForestry and Environmental Conservation

Clemson University’s Department of Forestry and Environmental Conservation (FEC), part of the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, provides unified education, research and public service programs in forestry, wildlife conservation and ecology by providing excellence in instruction, scientific inquiry and outreach to citizens of South Carolina, the nation, and the world. Read More

Environmental and Natural ResourcesEnvironmental and Natural Resources

Ecology and Conservation Biology are becoming increasingly important fields of study as we learn more about the influences of human activities on ecosystems and seek to build a more sustainable society. The world is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, but the problems associated with their conservation are immense. Protecting rare and endangered species, preventing and controlling invasions of exotics, preserving old growth forests, restoring degraded ecosystems, and balancing the resource demands of industry and the public are just some of the environmental issues you’ll face. Many of these issues are also enmeshed in politicized environments. As an environmental and natural resources major, you’ll learn methods for confronting some of the world’s most pressing problems. Read More

Ecology at ClemsonEcology at Clemson

Ecology teaching, research, and outreach are found in a number of departments,colleges, and programs at Clemson University. Clemson ecologists have a range of research interests from the theoretical to the applied, from the forests to the oceans, and from the individual to the ecosystem. Read More