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Non-Profit Management

This specialization is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to meet the complex challenges faced by the non-profit sector across the United States and globally. To ensure the success of the program, input from professionals currently working in the non-profit sector contributed to the course design.

The 15-credit specialization includes one core MPA course and four concentration classes designed to meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Issues addressed are the history, values, ethics and philosophies of non-profits, their legal structures, revenue sources, governance and human resource management. Students develop their skills in program evaluation, budgeting and resource management, public relations and marketing, quantitative analysis and policy-making and analysis.

Courses Include:

Grant Writing for Public Administration – PADM 8450
The class will cover:

  1. developing a fundable project;
  2. researching public/governmental corporate, and foundation funding sources;
  3. finding and using statistics to make ones case;
  4. writing a grant proposal;
  5. evaluating and disseminating project outcomes;
  6. managing grants, including finances, personnel, accountability reporting, and project sustainability.

Non-Profit Governance & Leadership – PADM 8650
An in-depth examination of issues and concerns inherent in leading and maintaining non-profit organizations. The focus is on organization, regulation, responsibilities, planning and funding in the non-profit sector.

Legal Aspects of Non-Profits – PADM 8780 (Special Topics)
Students will attain a working knowledge of the legal issues affecting non-profit organizations. Students will be able to interact with attorneys/legal counsel knowledgeably concerning issues affecting non-profit organizations. Students will be able to apply the IRAC format to identify, assess, and analyze a legal issue affecting the non-profit organization with reference to relevant authority.

Non-Profit Fundraising – PADM 8660
While examining the common methods used by fundraisers to move individuals, corporations, public organizations and foundations from prospects to donors, this class will strategically apply its knowledge of these tools and methods to real world fundraising situations. In addition to annual and major giving, students will examine capital campaigns, the role of boards and volunteers, grant writing, the use of technology and ethics and accountability in fundraising.