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Clemson Psychology Research

Psychology Research


Psychology Research

The faculty and students conduct research in a wide variety of topics such as:

  • advanced reading technologies
  • human-automation interaction
  • cognitive aging
  • driving simulation
  • exercise
  • human memory and perception
  • human-computer interaction
  • industrial-organizational research
  • motion sciences
  • occupational stress
  • perception and action
  • personnel selection and performance appraisal
  • process-control simulation
  • psychophysiology
  • robotics and teleoperation
  • sleep research
  • social psychology
  • uncoupled motion simulation
  • usability testing
  • virtual reality
  • visual performance
  • workplace training research

In addition, some of the faculty are involved in the Human Factors Institute.

Annual Research Reports

FY2017 - FY2018

FY2016 - FY2017

FY2015 - FY2016

FY2014 - FY2015

Did you know?

Clemson-based psychology research has been funded by companies such as Google, MicrosoftJohn Deere and organizations such as the Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and National Institutes of Health.