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Public Health Sciences


Graduate Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research

Clemson University Public Health Science Graduates

Clemson University's Department of Public Health Sciences and Department of Mathematical Sciences, in collaboration with the Prisma-Health Upstate, is now offering a graduate-level certification in clinical and translational research. The goal of this program is to enhance clinical and translational research capabilities of clinicians, research support staff, and other health professionals. The program will be delivered via evening classes at the University Center Greenville in Greenville, South Carolina.

Applied Health Research and Evaluation, M.S.

clemson public Health sciences graduate students

The Department of Public Health Sciences offers a non-thesis M.S. degree in Applied Health Research and Evaluation. The goal of this program is to develop technicians, data analysts, program evaluators, or research associates/coordinators, working in the private and public sectors, with foundational research and evaluation knowledge and skills related to study design, data management, and data analysis. Specifically, graduates will work as integral parts of collaborative research teams who wish to assess the efficacy and effectiveness of programs and interventions, improve the efficiency of health services, and provide data-based evidence to drive informed decision-making and empower positive change in population and healthcare practice.

Our Ph.D. degree in Applied Health Research and Evaluation allows graduates to be independent researchers and methodological leaders. The program develops depth and breadth of knowledge in the determinants of health, healthcare systems, research and evaluation design, epidemiology, and quantitative & qualitative methods, making graduates highly competitive for employment in many different work settings.

Accelerated B.S. to M.S. in Applied Health Research and Evaluation

Clemson graduate

The Department of Public Health Sciences offers an accelerated B.S. to M.S. option to highly qualified undergraduate students in the Health Sciences major. Under this plan, students can reduce the time necessary to earn the B.S. in Health Science and the M.S. in Applied Health Research and Evaluation by applying up to 12 graduate credit hours to both the undergraduate and graduate program requirements.

Students enrolled in this plan begin taking graduate courses to satisfy the health electives and guided requirements of the undergraduate curriculum their senior year. Once they have completed the undergraduate requirements, students graduate with a B.S. in Health Science. They continue fulfilling the graduate requirements post-graduation, ensuring a total of 150 credits are earned for both degrees. Once completed, students graduate with an M.S. in Applied Health Research and Evaluation. The total anticipated time frame for the B.S. to M.S. program is 5 years or less (depending upon Advanced Placement and transfer credits).

Master of Public Health Online

Master of Public Health Degree Online

The Department of Public Health Sciences offers an online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with concentrations in Rural and Community Health and Outcomes and Quality Improvement. This professional degree program is designed to meet the needs of a new era of broadened but more localized public health practice by equipping graduates with pertinent, practical skills to work in and lead public health initiatives in local communities.

Applied Health Research & Evaluation, Ph.D.

Clemson Public Health Science Ph.D. Students

The Department of Public Health Sciences offers a Ph.D. in Applied Health Research and Evaluation (AHRE).  This innovative, advanced research program rigorously prepares future scholars to conduct relevant research on issues critically important to public health. 

Students in this program learn to design and employ cutting-edge methodologies with community, private sector, and public partners to provide effective solutions to challenging health problems.  The core curriculum emphasizes a full spectrum of methodological skills that enable students to design and implement research focused on health outcomes, effective and efficient health delivery services, comparative effectiveness of clinical and cost outcomes, and program evaluation, with substantial attention devoted to implementation science: that bridge between health research and health practice. This combination of advanced research skills and strong conceptual framework produces independent leaders in health research capable of working across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Graduate Program Alumni

Clemson University Public Health Science Graduates

Alumni from our graduate degree programs have gone on to do great things!  Some of those who have completed the Applied Health Research and Evaluation Masters of Science degree have joined post-graduate clinical degree programs such as medical and P.A. school, while others have taken on exciting roles in the workforce, becoming research associates, health educators, and evaluators in both clinical and academic settings.  Still others have gone on to pursue their doctorate in this up-and-coming, innovative field.

Alumni from our Ph.D. program contribute to health and well-being across the nation.   Our graduates have gone on to faculty positions in academia, competitive post-doctoral fellowships, and private sector employment as skilled independent research and evaluation associates.  Some of these include:

  • University of Colorado Denver - Perinatal Biology and Medicine
  • University of Utah - Program of Addiction Research, Clinical Care, Knowledge and Advocacy
  • Texas A&M University - Agrilife Research
  • University of Kansas Medical Center – Division of Physical Activity and Weight Management
  • Furman University – Department of Health Sciences
  • Critical Path Institute – CURE Drug Repurposing Collaboratory
  • SCALE Strategic Solutions
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