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typical salt marsh tidal creek system in south carolina
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Dam Ownership

The Course

The Dam Ownership in South Carolina class assists every dam owner or operator with understanding the basic concepts to protect the integrity and benefit of their dam rather than becoming a nuisance, or worse - a safety risk.

This online course will teach South Carolina dam owners the basics of dam design, inspection and maintenance techniques, how to develop a dam repair plan, and much more. The Dam Ownership in South Carolina class is designed for owners of both unregulated dams and dams regulated by the SC DHEC Dam Safety Program.

This free, six-week online class was developed through a collaboration between Clemson Extension, the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Clemson Online. All dam owners in South Carolina are invited to participate.

Course content includes:

  • Introduction to Dams and Their Function
  • Parts of a Dam
  • State Law and Regulations
  • Inspections and Assessments
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Special Considerations for Significant and High Hazard Dams

The classroom curriculum is offered through the virtual Clemson Online Canvas classroom and is self-paced.

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Image courtesy of Uwe Kluack, SC DHEC

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