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typical salt marsh tidal creek system in south carolina
Cooperative Extension: Water Resources

Flood Recovery and Pond Help

With very few exceptions, a stormwater pond built in your community is owned by the Homeowners or Property Owners Association at the time of the transfer of developer's rights to the community. At that time, the responsibility of properly managing the stormwater pond for water quality, flood control and aesthetics also transfers. Because of the critical role stormwater ponds play in protecting downstream water quality and preventing neighborhood flooding, management and establishing funds for timely pond management is important to all residents. 

Clemson Extension Service and Carolina Clear have created several resources to assist homeowners and property management companies in making investment-wise decisions to extend the life of stormwater ponds and protect the quality of our swimming, fishing and drinking waters. There are numerous resources developed by agencies across South Carolina and beyond to help promote stormwater pond maintenance practices.

Cooperative Extension Water Resources
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