Transfer Students

If you are confused about why your residency is in question, please see our Residency in Question page.

Once all parts of the residency application have been submitted, it will take 24 hours for the application to be downloaded and for it to show as under review in the student’s iRoar portal. The process of reviewing a residency application can take up to 8 weeks. Once a decision has been made, the residency director will send an email with that decision.

Students can check their iRoar account to see when their application was received. After logging into iRoar, click on “Financial Aid” and then “Eligibility.”

If additional information is requested in order to make a decision, an email will be sent.

If a residency application is approved: The scholarship team will be notified of the approved residency application and the student will be reviewed for any eligible state scholarships.

If a residency application is denied:  You are entitled to appeal this decision if you have additional information that you can present. Should you decide to pursue an appeal, you will need to submit (in writing through email or in-office) a brief summary of the reasons why you feel the original decision was incorrect within two weeks of this letter, along with any relevant documentation. Your statement, along with any pertinent additional documentation, should be submitted to this office. Your appeal will be reviewed by the University Residency Appeals Committee, which may include advisory assistance from the University's general counsel. Appeals generally are sent to the committee on a weekly basis as their schedule permits.

The results of the second review will be binding and final and will be retroactive if granted. All of our laws and regulations concerning in-state residency can be found at the SC Commission on Higher Education’s (CHE) website

If you have any other questions, please see our FAQ and Residency Guidelines pages