Sweetpotato Weevil Quarantine

The following counties are under quarantine for sweetpotato weevil pursuant to S.C. Code Reg. Ch. 27 Article 6 : Beaufort, Berkeley, Colleton, Charleston, and Jaspe r.  

The entire states of Florida and Georgia are under quarantine.  Also, any areas in Alabama, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas regulated by the plant regulatory agency of the state concerned are under quarantine.  

It is very important for growers and consumers alike to follow the quarantine regulations and not move sweetpotatoes or sweetpotato plant material from a quarantined area into a non-quarantined area.  This includes ornamental sweetpotato vines sold in the nursery industry. Not only is the pest destructive to sweetpotato production but its presence in an area can inhibit the marketability of sweetpotatoes from unaffected fields due to the risk of spreading sweetpotato weevil.  


Sweetpotato  certification ,  in non-quarantined (green tag) areas ,  is required by m any  state s.   C ertificates can be obtained from Clemson DPI.  Certification requires     sweetpotato  weevil trapping and inspections.  If you are a grower wishing to produce   sweetpotato  transplant slips for sale or to move   sweetpotato  root crops across state lines, contact DPI for certification.  

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