Coming Soon! : IACUC eForms that enables complete dynamic and electronic protocol submissions within InfoEd are in the works. When this system is deployed the protocol forms below will be removed in favor of the new system. For more information contact the IACUC Administrator.


Protocol Forms

Animal Use Protocol (AUP) Form - This is the full form to request the use of animals as covered under IACUC Policy #9.

Animal Use Protocol Form: Additional Personnel - This form serves as page 2 of the Animal Use Protocol Form personnel list.  Use this form if you were not able to list all personnel in the space provided in the Animal Use Protocol form.

Animal Use Protocol Form: Custom Antibodies - Submit this form if antibodies will be custom derived from animals by a commercial vendor at the request of a Clemson University researcher.

Developmental Protocol - This form can be submitted in the place of an Animal Use Protocol so that funds can be released after a grant is awarded, but a full AUP has not been approved by the IACUC.  No animal work can be completed under this type of protocol.  This is for fund releasing purposes only. 


Amendment Forms

Amendment Form for Personnel Changes - Submit this form to add or remove personnel from an approved Animal Use Protocol.  

Amendment Form for PI Change - Submit this form to change the PI on an approved protocol.  A new Animal Use Protocol cover sheet signed by the new PI and department chair/head must accompany this amendment.

Amendment Form for All Other Changes - Submit this form to change any procedures or animal numbers associated with an approved Animal Use Protocol. 


Non-Clemson Personnel

Non-Clemson Personnel - Submit this form along with an AUP form or Amendment Form for Personnel Changes to add non-Clemson personnel to an AUP.  Submit a current CV for personnel serving as surgeons or in other specialized roles.    


Animal Concerns

Animal Concern Form - Submit this form to report animal welfare concerns associated with any animal used in a Clemson University activity. 


Standard operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOP Template  - Example format for facility Standard Operating Procedures.

SOP Training Log  - Example format for facility Standard Operating Procedures training log.

SOP Guidelines - Standard Operating Procedures Guidelines