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Division of Research

Clemson Faculty Succeeds

CLEMSON FACULTY SUCCEEDS (CU SUCCEEDS) is a competitive internal funding initiative that positions faculty to succeed at various stages of the research process. CU SUCCEEDS provides funding across four programs to support leading-edge research and scholarship that capitalize on the existing intellectual capital at Clemson University. This initiative consists of four programs: (1) Project Initiation/Seed Funding, (2) Collaborate, (3) Project Completion, and (4) Fast Track.

Program 1 to 4

  • CU SUCCEEDS Program 1

    Program 1: Project Initiation/SEED Funding – (Formerly CU SEED Tier 2) Program 1 awards provide funding for the initiation of research activities. Final deliverables must include a successfully submitted proposal to an external funding agency.

    Funding amount: Up to $10,000
    Deadline: December 1, 2022
    Funding period: 1 year; February 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024

    Activities can include:
    • Collecting baseline or pilot data that will enhance the preparation and submission of a future external funding proposal or research project
    • Implementing past research to pursue a new funding opportunity
    • Developing research partnerships

    Applicant College Department Application
    Allison, Kendra CBSHS School of Nursing CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Adolescent mental health assessment in primary care settings of Appalachia, South Carolina to include sexting frequency and depression indices
    Bhattacharya, Sriparna COS Physics and Astronomy CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Implantable miniature displays to image dissolved O2 to monitor cancer and infection
    Brumaghim, Julia COS Chemistry CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Targeting More Than Just the Metal: New Ligand Geometries for Selective Uranium Binding
    Ingram-Smith, Cheryl COS Genetics and Biochemistry CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Investigation of encystation in the human pathogen Entamoeba histolytica
    Kettrey, Heather CBSHS Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice CU SUCCEEDS PROGRAM 1: Understanding Straight-Cisgender Peers’ Role in Preventing Sexual Victimization of LGBTQ+ College Students: A Qualitative Exploration of LGBTQ+ Student Perceptions of Support
    Melgar Jimenez, Juan Carlos CAFLS Plant and Environmental Sciences CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Understanding the Responses of Peach Roots to Increased Soil Organic Matter
    Pratt, Scott CAFLS Animal and Veterinary Sciences CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: The use of epitope tags to identify tissue-specific extracellular vesicle production
    Sardashti, Kasra COS Physics and Astronomy CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Micron-scale Active Microwave Couplers for Miniaturized Superconducting Quantum Circuits
    Sarno, Dawn CBSHS Psychology CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Developing Pirate Tank: A Gamified Phishing Intervention
    Sears, Michael COS Biological Sciences CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Keeping pace with a warming world: The ecolog-ical genomics of adaptation to climate change
    Song, Bo CAFLS Forestry and Environmental Conservation CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Initiation of Long-Term Monitoring Study of Marsh Migration into Forests: Effects of sea level rise on coastal ecosystems
    Walton, Jamiahus CECAS Industrial Engineering CU SUCCEEDS Tier 1: Discovering Performance Metrics of the Industrial Athlete to Reduce the Risk of Repetitive Strain Injury.
    Wei, Yanzhang COS Biological Sciences CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Bifunctional fusion gene PDL1sFv/MICAe for cancer immunotherapy
    Zhang, Jiangfeng CECAS Automotive Engineering CU SUCCEEDS Program 1: Electric Vehicle Optimal Charging Management at Fast Charging Stations
  • CU SUCCEEDS Program 2

    Program 2: Collaborate – Program 2 awards provide funding for multidisciplinary teams to pursue significant external research funding (at least $1.5 million in direct costs over three or more years or center-type proposals). Program 2 awards will allow teams to position themselves to submit highly competitive proposals. Proposals with participation from across Clemson University, including Innovation Campuses, Research and Education Centers, and Clemson Centers and Institutes, are highly encouraged. Multi-institutional efforts may also be supported if Clemson is listed as the primary/lead institution on the targeted proposal submission. Final deliverables must include submission of external research proposal(s) requesting significant funding.

    Funding amount: Up to $35,000
    Deadline: Jan. 18, 2023
    Funding period: 1 year; March 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024

    Activities must include:
    • Preparation and submission of external research proposal(s) requesting significant funding (at least $1.5 million in direct costs over three or more years or center-type proposals)
    • Collaboration with multiple faculty from at least three different departments across at least two colleges.

  • CU SUCCEEDS Program 3

    Program 3: Project Completion – (Formerly CU SEED Tier 1)Program 3 awards provide funding to support the completion of research and/or scholarly activities with a targeted product. A final deliverable can include a manuscript, book, piece of art, or other product that is appropriate to the faculty member’s field of scholarship or a proposal resubmitted to an external funding agency (federal, state, or foundation).

    Funding amount: Up to $5,000
    Deadline: December 1, 2022
    Funding period: 1 year; February 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024

    Activities can include:
    • Finalizing peer-reviewed publications
    • Scholarly books or book chapters
    • Showing, as in the case of the visual and performing arts
    • Revising and resubmitting external grant proposals

    Applicant College Department Application
    Barattoni, Luca CAAH Languages CU SUCCEEDS Program 3: The Biopolitical Turn in World Cinema Visual Landscapes of Social Power
    Fasolino, Tracy CBSHS School of Nursing CU SUCCEEDS Program 3: Triangulating Outreach, Education, & Clinical Care in Appalachia South Carolina
    Hislop, Maya CAAH English CU SUCCEEDS Program 3: Bodies in the Middle: Black Women, Sexual Violence, and Justice
    Martinez, Nicole CECAS Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences CU SUCCEEDS Program 3: Quantitative Validation of Candidate Genes for Discriminatory Biosensing of Environmental Radiation
    Rapa, Luke COE Education and Human Development CU SUCCEEDS Program #3: Advancing Critical Consciousness Scholarship through Forthcoming CUP-SPSSI Edited Volumes
    Walker, Erica COB Graphic Communications CU SUCCEEDS Program 3: A comparison of printing processes for fine art photography on non-paper substrates
  • CU SUCCEEDS Program 4

    Program 4: Fast Track – New in 2021, Program 4 awards provide funding for faculty to respond to short-notice external funding opportunities. A short-notice external funding opportunity is one for which the submission deadline is within two months of the original RFP/solicitation publication date. Awardees will be notified of funding within five business days of proposal submission.

    Funding amount: Up to $5,000
    Deadline: Proposals accepted on a rolling basis
    Funding period: 2 months

    Activities can include:
    • Obtaining additional pilot data and/or resources to strengthen the external grant proposal submission
    • Hiring hourly paid students and/or staff to assist with the external grant proposal preparation


Contact the PI lead teams from previous SUCCEEDS grants for questions regarding their projects.

  • 2020 Clemson Faculty SUCCEEDS Award Winners

    Root transcriptomes at the level of single cells

    • Led by Dr. Julia Frugoli in the department of Genetics and Biochemistry
  • 2019 Clemson Faculty SUCCEEDS Award Winners

    CPS for the Power System Control and Operation Center of the Future

    • led by Dr. Johann Enslin in the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    An Integrated High-Performance Data-Driven Analytics Framework for Dynamic Security Assessment in Future Power Grid

    • led by Dr. Shuangshuang Jin in the School of Computing

    Real time detection of bacterial load in patient and operating room environments

    • led by Dr. Goutam Koley in the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Understanding and Reducing Cognitive Errors in Reading Complex Design Regulations of Resilient Transportation Infrastructure

    • led by Dr. Tuyen (Robert) Le in the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering
  • 2018 Clemson Faculty SUCCEEDS Award Winners

    Next Generation IoT Hardware Security for Resilient Smart Grid and ICT Infrastructures

    • led by Dr. G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy in Holcombe Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Clemson MRSEC (Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers)

    • led by the MRSEC PI
  • 2017 Clemson Faculty SUCCEEDS Award Winners

    A Pilot Study to Examine the Metabolic and Epigenetic Responses to A Novel Prenatal Care Intervention

    • led by Dr. Liwei Chen in the Department of Public Health Sciences

    An HPC-Backed Interactive Visualization Instrument Enabling Collaborative Computational Genomics and Virtual Reality Research

    • led by Dr. Brygg Ullmer in the School of Computing

    Novel Dietary Therapy for the Gluten Syndrome

    • led by Dr. Sachin Rustgi in the Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences