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Explore Careers, Explore Pathways

Most students are unaware of the wide variety of career options in health care. Patient care involves contributions from professionals with a wide variety of specialties that work together as a team. It is your job to explore the careers that are available to you, and find the one that is the best fit with your strengths, goals, and interests.

Ask yourself why you want to pursue the health profession you are considering. Try to answer this question with concrete reasons. Remember, this is a question you will be asked by admissions committees of the health profession programs you apply to. Give your reflection depth and careful thought. It is not enough to say, “I have always wanted to be a [blank].” It is imperative for you to demonstrate exploration of personal interests, strengths, and healthcare professions through both academic and non-academic pursuits.

Take a look at Explore Health Careers for information regarding different healthcare careers, as well as the career specific links below. Once you identify the right pathway for you, review the information on the pathway specific pages linked below and connect with the best advisor for you on our campus!

Name of MajorAbbreviationResource
Audiology AuD
Chiropractics DC
Dentistry DMD
Medicine MD
Medicine DO
Occupational Therapy OTD
Optometry OD
Pharmacy PharmD
Physical Therapy DPT
Physician Assistant MPA
Podiatry DPM
Speech-Language Pathology MS/PhD
Veterinary Medicine DVM