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Preparing for Veterinary School

At Clemson we encourage students to build interesting, challenging courses of study, which also fulfill the basic requirements of the professional school. Veterinary schools have neither preferences nor prejudices concerning any curriculum or major. Instead, the emphasis is placed on you, the student.  Success in your chosen major will exemplify the excellence needed to compete successfully for acceptance within the limited number of places available in professional health schools.

Veterinary School Requirements

Coursework and Performance

Veterinary school admissions is highly competitive, course requirements vary among institutions and average admitting GPA changes annually. Applicants are encouraged to visit the institutions websites and/or representatives for each school. See the PreHealth advisor for guidance. 

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Work and/or voluntary experience in the veterinary field is expected. Some programs have minimum hours to be met, others do not. Applicants are strongly encouraged to gain experiences alongside veterinary professionals.  See the PreHealth advisor for guidance. 

Leadership and Extracurricular Activities

Leadership and extra-curricular activities are encouraged, see the PreHealth adviser for guidance. 


The Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) is the central application used by 27 of the US institutions.


The GRE is the computer based, standardized test for graduate and some professional school admissions. For a suggested timeline based on your acceptance goals, see the PreHealth adviser. 

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation vary greatly between institutions. Letters typically come from medical professionals, science faculty, or supervisors. See the PreHealth advisor early in your college career to make considerations for your letters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each institution’s requirements are subject to change at any time. Applicants should consult with the admissions websites and/or representatives for each school. 

Common Majors

DVM programs have no preference or prejudice to major.