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Student Health Services

Insurance and Billing

Payment and Insurance Billing

Payment for services not covered by the university health fee is expected at the time of service. Students not paying the university health fee are charged for office visits.

Cash, personal check, HSA, TigerStripe, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Apple Pay are accepted. Outstanding balances can be paid online through CU Marketplace (amount owed can be found in MyHealth-e under 'Account Summary').

Students who want parents/guardians to have access to billing information should complete the Authorization for Release of Information form.

  • Pharmacy Insurance

    We file as an in-network provider for most pharmacy insurance plans. Please use our online form to enter your pharmacy insurance card information. You may also complete the Pharmacy Prescription Card Information Form and fax or drop it off at the pharmacy in Redfern Health Center. Unpaid balances will be transferred to the student's University tuition and fees bill at the end of each semester.

    We only file Medicaid and Medicare for pharmacy. Please notify pharmacy staff if your Medicaid plan only covers family planning.

  • Medical Insurance

    We courtesy file for medical services as an out-of-network provider for most commercial medical insurance plansInsurance cards can be uploaded to MyHealth-e. You are responsible for knowing what your plan covers.

    Medicaid and Medicare

    We are not a Medicaid or Medicare provider and cannot submit medical claims for reimbursement (we only file Medicaid and Medicare for pharmacy; please notify pharmacy staff if your Medicaid plan only covers family planning). If you need assistance with finding a local Medicaid/Medicare provider, call the Insurance and Billing Office: 864-656-3561.

    Charges Not Paid by Insurance

    Patients are responsible for any charges not paid by their insurance plan. You will be notified of your balance after insurance has processed either by a bill in the mail or secure message in MyHealth-e. You may view the patient balance on the MyHealth-e portal by clicking on 'Account Summary'. From the 'Account Summary' page, there is a link to pay via CU Marketplace.

    Right to Request Insurance Not Be Filed

    Any patient has the right to request a certain visit be excluded from filing. To do so, just tell a Student Health Services staff member that you do not want insurance filed for that day. You will then need to visit the Insurance and Billing Office (located in rooms G-22 and G-23 in the basement of Redfern) to complete the request and make sure the claim does not get filed.


Insurance and Billing Office: 864-656-3561
Student Health Insurance Plan: 864-656-9493


The Insurance and Billing Office is located in rooms G-22 and G-23 in Redfern Health Center – when you enter Redfern, proceed downstairs and follow the directional signage.

Student Health Insurance Plan

Clemson University offers a comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), administered by BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) of South Carolina. The SHIP is available to eligible students, legal spouses and dependents of students at competitive premiums.

Student Health Services, located in Redfern Health Center, is an in-network provider for the SHIP. Claims are filed in-house. The Pharmacy at Redfern is a preferred pharmacy for the SHIP; enrollees have no deductible and lower copays.

Enrollment activation will be open from July 26 to August 31 for Fall 2023.

  • Undergraduate Students

    Undergraduate domestic students are not required to have health insurance. If you want to enroll in the SHIP, please follow the instructions for Voluntary Student on the SHIP website: Clemson University My AHP Care

    If you are an undergraduate international student, please view the drop-down box below.

  • Graduate and International Students

    Health insurance is  REQUIRED for the following students who are considered  Mandatory Students:

    1. Graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours on the main campus in Clemson

      • Change effective Fall 2023: Graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours in on-campus programs at all campus locations
    2. Graduate students classified as graduate assistants (GAs) at all campus locations (GAs receive a per-semester student insurance subsidy when enrolled in the SHIP).

    3. All F-1 and J-1 international students

      • Change effective Fall 2023: F-1, F-2, J-1 and J-2 international students

    If you fall into one of these categories, you are charged for the SHIP on your bill in iROAR.  Please follow the steps found in the "Activate Enrollment" drop-down box below. You may  submit a waiver  if you have alternate insurance coverage that meets University requirements.

    If you do  not fall into one of these categories and are  not charged for the SHIP on your bill in iROAR, you can still  enroll in the SHIP as a  Voluntary Student .

    Please note: Check your bill in iROAR at the beginning of the semester and after any changes to your schedule. Changes to your schedule can cause the insurance charge to drop off or be added your account.

  • Activate Enrollment

    If you are considered to be a Mandatory Student (students required to have health insurance and are charged for the SHIP on their bill in iROAR) and you do not submit a waiver, you must complete the steps below to activate your enrollment. This can only be done during the open enrollment period. 

    1. Register for classes and wait 48 hours.

    2. When it’s been 48 hours since you registered for classes, visit Clemson University My AHP Care.

    3. Click on the link for "Mandatory Students" and follow the steps.

  • Contact the Student Health Insurance Plan Coordinator

    The Student Health Insurance Plan Coordinator is in room G-22 in Redfern Health Center (when you enter Redfern, proceed downstairs and follow the signage). If you need to contact the Student Insurance Coordinator, call 864-656-9493 or email.

Clemson University
My AHP Care

Overview of the U.S. Healthcare System for International Students:

Health Fee

University policy requires all students registered for six or more credit hours (three hours during each summer term) to pay the university health fee.


  • Office visits with physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and health promotion professionals at no additional cost
  • Counseling and Psychological Services including individual, couples and group sessions, workshops, online treatment programs, case management and crisis intervention
  • MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care available 24/7 and free visits for Clemson University and Bridge to Clemson students physically present in the state of South Carolina (students may be charged for labs, x-rays, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Health and wellness promotion and prevention programs, presentations and resources from Healthy Campus
  • Surveillance and reporting of infectious disease threats
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Campus public health policy consultation


  • Medications/prescriptions, over-the-counter products and supplies
  • Laboratory and X-ray services
  • Psychiatry
  • Procedures (i.e., wart treatment, ear irrigation, laceration repair)
  • Pre-employment, annual GYN and routine physical exams
  • Durable Medical Equipment
Student Health Services
Student Health Services | Redfern Health Center, 735 McMillan Road, Clemson, SC 29634