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College of Architecture, Art and Construction

Centers and Institutes

hospital operating room


Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing
The Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing is one of the 55 South Carolina Centers of Economic Excellence (SC CoEE) for a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems in the health and design fields. The Health Facilities Design and Testing Center is using interdisciplinary design research to improve health care environments through better architecture and building design.


paintings in art gallery


Center for Visual Arts
The Center for Visual Arts at Clemson University serves as a place where students, visitors and scholars explore contemporary perspectives in art and culture through research and studio practice. The CVA sponsors exhibits from students, regional and national artists, and it hosts guest artist lectures from nationally known artists and critics.

CVA Site

pillars in Genoa villa


Charles E. Daniel Center for Building Research and Urban Studies
The Daniel Center in Genoa, Italy, has served as a model for off-campus architectural education for more than 30 years. The program balances the studio experience with travel to study Italian architectural history, contemporary design and urban practices. A resident professor from Clemson is assisted by professors of architecture from Genoa.

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colorful buildings in Barcelona, Spain


Clemson Architecture Center Barcelona
The Clemson Architecture Center Barcelona is open to undergraduate and graduate students in architecture and landscape architecture. Recognized as one of the preeminent cities in modern and contemporary design, Barcelona is a unique laboratory for architecture and urban studies. The program is complemented by structured field studies within Spain and Europe and also has an independent travel component as part of the semester program.

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large brick building which houses Clemson Architecture center in Charleston


Clemson Architecture Center Charleston
Founded in 1988 and located in the historic district of Charleston, the CAC.C’s mission is to bridge academia and practice by teaching in a hybrid environment, a cross between academic and professional modes of work. The program emphasizes collaborative service learning with a focus on urban design and fabrication applied to actual issues and projects. Students may take internships with local design professionals. The CAC.C is available to third- and fourth-year undergraduates, as well as graduate students in architecture and landscape architecture.

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intricate wooden architectural models


The Clemson University Institute for Intelligent Materials, Systems and Environments
CU-iMSE focuses its efforts on the design and evaluation of intelligent environments, their materials, and their systems. Partnering Architecture, Electrical & Computing Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering, CU-iMSE is home to trans-disciplinary research-and-teaching teams sufficiently complex in composition to address complex problems and opportunities.


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Community Research and Design Center
The College established the Community Research and Design Center in 2001. The Center's primary mission is to encourage efficient and equitable management of growth and change in the natural and built environment. The Center works with policy-makers and the community to promote policies and best practices towards achieving quality urban development in concert with conservation of environmental quality that promotes a strong economy and community livability. 

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students in hard hats and reflective vests on construction site

Pennell Center

Pennell Center
The Pennell Center brings together students from various disciplines, just as the design and building fields bring together various professions in the working world. The Pennell Center promotes research and scholarship that is useful for practitioners working in the fields influencing the built environment, supports interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and managing the build environment, and provides faculty and students with opportunities to develop important ideas that influence the built environment.

Pennell Center

students viewing paintings in art gallery

Lee Gallery

Rudolph E. Lee Gallery
The Lee Gallery provides the University and surrounding community access to regional, national and international visual artists. Exhibitions explore contemporary issues seeking to enhance academic programs and serve the broader mission of the University. The Lee Gallery also showcases student artists as they complete their course of study within the Department of Art.

Lee Gallery

College of Architecture, Art and Construction
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