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Animal and Veterinary Sciences


The AVS Department has a rich history dating back to the founding of Clemson University in 1893.

Animal and Veterinary Science History

1893: Clemson Agricultural College opened on July 6th.  Course offerings included Dairy and Veterinary Sciences.  College facilities included a barn, 6 silos, seed rooms and space for forages.

1898: A poultry facility was built.

1901: Veterinary division now has state-of-the-art surgical equipment and a complete outfit for horse-shoeing.

1903: Experiment station dairy barn was built.

1911: A new dairy building with three stories that contains offices of animal husbandry, dairy, and extension divisions was built.  It also has classrooms and laboratories.  The new barn held 120 cows and 4 cement silos.

1916: The program began offering a major in Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences.  Minors in these same areas were also offered.

1918: Introduction of the Poultry Husbandry Division; courses were offered as electives or as part of the Animal Husbandry major. 

1920: A degree in Veterinary Science was no longer offered; instead it was offered as an elective with only three courses.

1926: The Department was gifted with a new Poultry Plant.

1928: A calf barn as well as a hog barn were added to the facilities.

1934: The official name changed from Animal Husbandry to Animal Science.

1955: The new home of the Animal Science, Dairy Science and Poultry Science, Robert F. Poole Agricultural Center, better known as P&A, was built.

1968: Patricia M, Valentine was the first female to graduate with a degree in Animal Science.

1970: David S. Bass was the first African American to graduate with a degree in Animal Science.

1991: The T. Ed. Garrison livestock arena opened.

1992: Animal Science and Dairy Science merge to form the new Department of Animal Dairy and Vet Sciences (Poultry Science continues to be its own department).

1994: Animal research facilities received full accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care.

1997: Animal Dairy and Vet Sciences merge with Poultry Science to form the new Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences.


1922: The first Dairy Club was formed by Associate Professor of Dairy Husbandry, B.E. Goodale.

1932: Animal Husbandry Club was formed.  In 1948 the club was reorganized into Block and Bridle and was admitted to the national organization.

2005: The AVS department created a  Living Learning Community, Women in Animal and Veterinary Sciences also known as WAVS.

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
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