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Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Histology Core Facility

The Histology Core Facility provides histology services for researchers in the AVS Department, for researchers in other departments on the Clemson University campus and for researchers outside of Clemson University. Services include tissue processing, sectioning, routine histological and specialty staining of tissues, immunocytochemistries, digital photomicroscopy, consultation, and advice on all histology inquiries. Samples may be submitted for processing by the Core Technician or researchers may choose to use Core Facilities and equipment independent of the Core Technician.

The Histology Core Facility is located in room B110b of the Poole Agricultural Center. Laboratory services are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. All Histology Core Facility activity must be pre-approved and may be scheduled by contacting the Core Technician.

Laine Chambers
Core Technician
C123 Poole Agricultural Center

  • Facilities And Equipment


    Located in B108 and B110b in the Poole Agricultural Center


    Lieca ASP 300 Paraffin Processor

    Leica EG1150 Embedding Station

    GKM-2 Glass Knife maker

    LKB 8000 Glass Knife maker


    Leica RM2165 Microtome for paraffin blocks

    Leica RM2265 Microtome for plastic blocks

    Microm HM505E Microtome Cryostat for frozen tissues


    Nikon Optiphot 2 microscope equipped with bright field and epi-fluorescent illumination

    Nikon Eclipse E600 microscope

    Olympus CH2 microscopes

    Olympus SZ60 dissecting microscope

    Zeiss Axio Imager M2 with brightfield and epiflourescent illumination


    Olympus Infinity digital camera with analysis software

    Diagnostic Imaging Spot digital camera for brightfield and fluorescent imaging

    Zeiss Axio Cam MRM

  • Services

    Services performed by Core Personnel:

    • Complete services for routine tissue processing, embedding and sectioning 
      Frozen, paraffin, and resin
    • Routine histological staining and a variety of special stains
    • Expertise in immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence
    • Consultation and advice for all histology inquiries
    • Assistance with protocol development
    • Digital photographic capabilities for both bright field and fluorescent illumination

    Services available independent of the Core Personnel:

    The Histology Core Facility equipment is available on a fee-for-use basis for those researchers who would like to work independently of the Core Technician.

    Using the Histology Core

    All samples submitted to the Histology Core and all use of Histology Core Equipment must be pre-approved and may be scheduled by contacting the Core Technician.  All users are required to complete an Histology Core orientation. Histology Core personnel have priority over all other users during normal operating hours.

  • Availability
    View calendar availability:  Cryostat   |   Embedding Station   |   Microscope   |   Microtome   |   Microtome/Resin   |   Processor   |   Staining Station
  • Reservation

    To reserve the Histology Core Facility please visit the Histology Reservation page.

    Histology Reservation
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