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Animal and Veterinary Sciences


Cows stand and along a fenceline as the sun sets at Clemson University’s LaMaster Dairy Center

LaMaster Dairy Center

This dairy cattle facility supports teaching, research and extension activities. There are approximately 150 milk cows representing the Holstein, Jersey and Guernsey breeds and an equal number of young stock. The facility consists of a milking parlor equipped with automatic take-off units and computerized milk weight system, free stalls, calf barns and a 24 cow research barn.

bull lying down at simpson beef farm

Simpson Beef Farm

Several hundred brood cows are used for teaching, research and Extension purposes. Facilities include numerous pastures, forage paddocks, and feeding pens and barns. Herds of Simmental crosses and Angus are maintained with emphasis on crossbreeding using A.I. bulls from several different breeds. A bull test station is maintained in cooperation with the S.C. Cattlemen's Association.

horse grazing in field

Equine Center

A teaching and research area is maintained with approximately 50 Quarter horses and thoroughbreds. Facilities include a riding area, forage paddocks and feeding pens.

Tetra flock at Morgan Poultry Center

Morgan Poultry Center

The Morgan Poultry Center maintains flocks of broilers, egg-producing hens and turkeys for the research, teaching and public service needs of the department. Other species (quail, pigeons and guinea fowl) are sometimes also used.

main arena with riser seating

T. Ed Garrison Arena

The main arena, covering two acres under roof has a dirt floor that measures 140 feet by 260 feet with an offset arena fence. The spacious concourse is designed for exhibits and can accommodate banquets and parties. Expanded cattle facilities include an enclosed show and sale arena, milking parlor and spacious housing area. The arena also has three horse barns with 328 permanent stalls and approximately 150 portable stalls. Another horse barn is planned.

light brahma flock

Poultry Environmental Center

The Poultry Environmental Center contains incubation and brooding facilities and a separate classroom for hands-on laboratory courses.

chicks at Morgan Poultry Center

Wiley-Boone Aviary

The Wiley-Boone Aviary is part of the Morgan Poultry Center. It is funded by donations from the poultry industry, gamebird producers and friends of the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department. The aviary contains a collection of rare and exotic poultry.

Woodburn Barn

Woodburn Arena and Barns

An area for student use is maintained adjacent to Woodburn Plantation and Museum. These facilities include a horse barn, an outdoor rodeo arena, an arena for laboratory work, and a cattle barn with a conference/classroom area. Undergraduate students may board their own horses in a barn managed by the Block & Bridle Club on their 14-acre tract. Also, the Rodeo Club has 38 acres of land adjacent to the outdoor arena that supports club activities.

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
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