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Health and Wellness for International Students

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Studying and living in a new country can be very overwhelming on top of everyday academic stressors. Below you'll find health and well-being resources and information to assist in the cultural and academic transition.

Clemson CampusWell by Student Health 101

Clemson CampusWell  is a great health and well-being resource for college students. You can search by topic, and new content is added weekly! In addition to general health and well-being information, you can find healthy recipes, fitness videos and Clemson-specific content. You can also enter to win an Amazon gift card each month! 

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

Another great resource is TAO, or Therapy Assistance Online. TAO includes over 150 brief, effective, educational sessions covering over 50 common topics and skills related to mental health, wellness and substance use issues. TAO Includes interactive sessions, mindfulness exercises and practice tools all aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

It is a big decision to leave home and study in another country. Even with all the planning and preparations, the transition from one culture to another can be stressful. When going through culture shock, it is helpful to realize that your experience is normal.

What is Culture Shock?

Culture shock is the impact of moving from a familiar culture to an unfamiliar one. The shock of the move can include acclimating to the environment, meeting new people and learning the ways people operate in the new culture. It also includes the shock of being separated from your support system - the people you would talk to during this time of uncertainty.

Contributing Factors

  • Climate

  • Language

  • Social rules

  • Rules of behavior

  • Values

  • Relationship Stress

The Process of Culture Shock

  • Honeymoon: excitement, stimulated, curious; your support system still seems easily accessible

  • Disintegration: the things that you were excited over before now become stressors; your support system seems far way

  • Reintegration: dislike of the new culture and idealize life “back home”; question why you decided to study so far away from home

  • Autonomy: the first stage of acceptance; you begin to feel like yourself again and appreciate where you are

  • Interdependence: embrace new culture and see things in a new, but realistic, view; start to feel at home in the new culture

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Turn off the little voice. Everyone has a part of themselves that, from time to time, whispers defeating messages. Instead, remind yourself that you have accomplished a lot before getting into this college/program and that, if you did not have what it takes to succeed, they would not have admitted you.


Realize that you are not alone. Most of your friends are going through (or have gone through) just what you are experiencing now.


Take something that you are good at. Each semester, in spite of the distribution requirements and courses you need for your major/program, take at least one course you enjoy and will likely do well in.


Start small. Try taking a few small risks to help you overcome your fears.


Reward achievements. Everyone feels better when they give themselves some recognition for a job well done, even a small accomplishment.


Get feedback early. Your confidence can soar if you consult with your professor early in the semester for things like not understanding a point in the lecture or your initial ideas for a project/paper.


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when to see a provider

Health Insurance

Have questions about the health insurance requirement or Clemson’s Student Health Plan? The Student Insurance Office is happy to help answer all of your questions. To contact the Student Insurance Office, call 864-656-3561 or stop by their office, located in Redfern Health Center.

Resources and Information About the Student Health Plan


Information About Clemson University Immunization Requirements

Information About Allergy Injections and Other Immunizations Available at Redfern Health Center


An ombuds is an independent, informal, neutral and confidential resource who provides assistance to members of the University community in exploring options to resolve problems, complaints and conflicts when normal processes and procedures have not worked satisfactorily. 

Learn More About How Ombuds Can Help You   



Clemson University students, faculty and permanent staff have informal and formal methods available for resolving concerns and complaints whether academic or employment-related.  For those matters that cannot be resolved through informal methods or with the assistance of the ombuds, there are grievance procedures available. 

View Rules and Procedures for Filing a Grievance

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