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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy is the highest academic degree offered. It is primarily for students interested in a career of research, teaching, or high-level technical work in academia, industry, or government. Therefore, the PhD program emphasizes scientific and analytical foundations as well as concepts useful for practice at the highest professional levels. Work leading to this degree has the objective of developing competence in original research and teaching. In addition to formal course work, a PhD student devotes time to independent study, participation in seminars, and preparation of a dissertation based on independent and original research. The basis for granting the PhD includes:

  • A grasp of the subject matter contained in the broad field of industrial engineering as displayed in coursework and on the qualifying exam.
  • Competency to plan and conduct independent and original research that contributes to knowledge in a focused area of industrial engineering as evidenced through the dissertation. 
  • The ability to adequately and professionally communicate in oral and written English language as demonstrated in all activities related to pursuit of the degree.

Research and teaching assistantship offers are extended after the student has been admitted to the program. The department strives to fund all of its non-sponsored PhD students through teaching or research assistantships.

Contact Information

If you have program related questions about the PhD program, please contact Dr. Thomas Sharkey. Please direct admission related questions to: Dr. Thomas Sharkey.  For general inquiries or graduate school forms, please see Meg Robbins.