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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

In addition to our other graduate programs, the Industrial Engineering department at Clemson University offers a traditional PhD Industrial Engineering (PhD IE) degree. Our PhD IE program is designed for students pursuing careers in research, teaching, and advanced technical work. Graduates of our PhD IE program pursue careers in academia, industry, and government.


PhD IE students complete a core of required coursework in either Human Factors or Operations Research along with electives designed to prepare students for their own research and professional goals. In addition to coursework, students participate in departmental seminars and devote significant time to independent research in preparation for their dissertation.


Our PhD IE students pursue their research agendas with the support of our expert faculty and advanced research lab facilities. The Industrial Engineering Department at Clemson University is very active in research, producing an average of over 7 PhD IE graduates annually. For more information about our recent graduates and their research click here.


Research and teaching assistantships are available to PhD IE students for the entirety of their studies, pending successful completion of departmental PhD milestones. Financial offers are extended to eligible students along with their admissions offer. We also support applications from students with sponsored funding, and the pursuit of additional external funding after students enroll is encouraged.

Contact Dr. Thomas Sharkey for additional information related to PhD admissions. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review recent research and faculty research agendas prior to applying to identify alignment between departmental expertise and student research interests.